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  • wealthy


    This is the second time this plugin was updated and it caused errors for everyone.
    And twice the system was forced to update. ( after the initial botched update)
    And again it screwed up my system. I hadnt updated because I was waiting for this to be fixed, and then I see it has been updated by force. Now my system is crewed again.
    This is not good for a big company like Automattic to force their updates on users.
    Let them decide…

    Add this to STOP any forced updates of plugins

    To disable all plugin updates (including forced pushes), you can use this snippet:
    add_filter( ‘auto_update_plugin’, ‘__return_false’ );

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  • mystyleplatform


    What broke?

    I am considering installing this for a web-only store but the reviews are horrible (no brick and morter and we have no need for the square store front end, only order processing)…



    Yes it is generally great for a web store.
    But they updated it 4 updates ago and it broke so many sites. Mucked up stock, and couldnt / wouldnt allow customers to use Square CC payment,
    Then they FORCED an update which seemed to work, once you reset and set it all up again.
    Then the next update did the same. And yet again another forced update which still hasnt fixed it.

    I have put an earlier version back on so hoping I have the version that worked.

    It seems Automattic dont care as they dont come and say anything or help in any way

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