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  • I’ve tried searching but can’t figure this out. I think I get the basics of syndication/RSS, but I want to announce new posts via email to a Yahoo! Group. I can’t ask all of the people on my list to set up RSS readers, and the email list works fine as a way of sending messages to the group.

    I set up a blog with and they do let you specify a single email address that is updated when you post something. Does WordPress let you do that? How?


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  • Install one of the notify plugins (such as this). This will send an email to specified addresses whenever you post something to your blog. Then, just have one of the addresses be the address for the Yahoo Group. You’ll need to make sure the “from” address in WordPress or the plugin is an email address that can post to the Yahoo Group.

    The only issue may be that with the above plugin, the email address you are subscribing to your blog, in this case, the Yahoo group, may need to confirm the subscription.

    Make sense?

    Have a look at I think it’ll do what you’re after (notify an email when you make updates).

    I take that back. I don’t think believe that the above plugin requires email subscribers to confirm their subscriptions, as long as the admin adds the email address through the control panel. So that should work.

    Feedblitz (and Feedburner) do require confirmation. I’m not sure how you’d accomplish that through the Yahoo group. Plus, those services only send out a single digest email once a day, usually overnight.

    Awesome, thanks for the info!

    I just don’t see how there can only be ONE plugin to allow for email notification. It boggles my mind.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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