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  1. TechGnome
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Holy frigging crap m3ntor! You're absolutely freakingright! I best better get on it because it's the latest hottest thing and God forbid I be left behind.

    Ooops. Sorry, I forgot to turn on the sarcasm tags...

    Sorry, but to do somethign for the sake of doing something just because I can.... not buying it.

    Here's how I look at it: A gun will let me shoot myself in the foot. But just because I CAN, doen't mean I SHOULD. Now, I'm not knowking those who are giving it a try. More power to them. However, there should be a legitimate reason for it. Playing with something is one thing, but when it comes to practical use, it shouldn't be used for the sake of being used.

    And as for what it's called, it IS very importaint. Let's say 5 years from now, I'm looking to hire a developer and he puts Web 2.0 as his list of tricks. WTF does that mean? Nothing. The term and anything it contains is too nebulous. As you pointed out, it isn't defined. and any search for its meaning leads to some vague references that it includes feature X and functionality Y. All very vague.

    EPIPHANY: I think I'm going to start a new movement myself. And I'm going to call it Programming 2.0.... oh wait, it's got a name noe, revising version number: Programming 2.1


  2. rmhsmusic
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Ugh...I had a duplicate post, edited one and the other disappeared.

    Anyway, what I said in the first one (more eloquently than this time I'm sure) is that whatever it's called (2.0, 23.0, whatever), if it makes things easier for those of us who don't earn a living doing development, then it's worth trying.

    I see a ton of movement for the first time in years on the Internet and it's exciting because it's being driven by more of a grass-roots swell than the "big boys". Call it what you will, it's driving much more innovation and user-friendliness than I've seen in a long time. I'm planning to watch this thread for progress on this theme/application/whatever to see if it's something I can use.

    It's probably worth not getting boxed up in the question of whether "Web2.0" is a rash fad or glimpse of the future and sorting out the good stuff from the mediocre from the downright bad instead. There's far more good than I've seen in a very long time.

  3. Ment0r
    Posted 9 years ago #

    tg: the reply is already in my response before and to shorten it, i'll quote rmhsmusic in reply: "Call it what you will, it's driving much more innovation and user-friendliness than I've seen in a long time."

    Considering this your example with the gun is pointless since "gun" and "shooting" has negative effects. My application and the whole Web2.0 dicussion has no negative sides in their context. Also i can't find any reasons in your replys why this is so-and-so and better-be-like.

    Maybe this one ?
    "[...]when it comes to practical use, it shouldn't be used for the sake of being used."

    Here comes my example: I shouldn't use "soap" just for the sake of using "soap". i should rather only use "soap" where my hands are dirty, right? .. come on.. gimme a break.

    That "web2.0" means nothing is wrong btw... read this, this and this and maybe also this

    And furthermore: This is not a Web 2.0 discussion and not to be overtaken. This is about a addon i write which actually enhance wordpress and user expirience. It is really that simple ;)
    'nuff said..

    There is no download yet! :)

    I am busy in development but made some good progress in the last week and over the weekend so i can say that i am pretty close to get something public soon. Stay tuned. Latest infos can always be found on the website.

    Thanks for all the nice feedback recently.
    - m3nt0r

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