Announcing Akismet - stops comment spam (60 posts)

  1. chimommy
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Frankly, I think it is great plugin and have happily installed it in the event I go back to public blogging. I have used several of the other anti-spam plugins in the past and always ended up with problems that I was never able to get help with. This one installed like a dream and I haven't had a single problem with acceptable comments being marked as spam. Thanks Matt!! :)

  2. georgianlady
    Posted 9 years ago #

    OK, I read this and then thought about it and since no matter what I do my blogs (all my own domain wp installs) end up with spam, spam, spam ... I caved and "asked for an invite" to wp.com and am waiting. No biggie. I am content to wait.

    Then I decided to look deeper, looked at FLOCK and downloaded it. What I don't get is:

    "Want WordPress.com?
    Download Flock ..."

    What does THAT mean? I downloaded FLOCK and added my blogs to it, that much is nice. But how does it help with wp.com ... ?

    Do I still need to get the API and install (Akismet) WP Plugin for each of my standalone blogs?

    I am thinking I do, from reading this thread, but it's not clearly stated anywhere I've looked and read.

    I'm fully tired of the spam fighting and ready to come under some umbrella for a bit of relief. So this is all highly worth doing for those of us who are sick and tired.

    I am speaking from a perspective of one who gets very little commenting from real people. I spend most of my comment reading looking at cruddy spam, and I can't stand that. I don't mind having few visitors that comment, I am not writing to get comments, but like real ones, so any collaborative effort offered to get one who chooses out of the spam-solo-fight-mode is laudable. :)

    I have work to do, to undo-my spam plugins, so I would be kindly appreciative of knowing how long it might take to know about the API invite, and what I have to do on my standalones to fight spam with this tool while using FLOCK , and if it has any benefit without the wp.com api towards spam fighting or not.

    I want that functionality, and so I just want clarity.

  3. chimommy
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Using Flock, go here. http://wordpress.com/flock/

    You should be able to sign up for a wp.com blog at that point. Afterwards, look in your profile there and you will see your API #

    As for how to use the plugin, just install like any other plugin. Go to activate it and it will ask you to enter your key. :)

  4. georgianlady
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I have FLOCK. I downloaded it before I posted above. I installed it before I posted above. I have three of my wp standalone blogs entered into FLOCK Blogs area and did that before posting above. :)

    I have not had an email from wp.com about a blog there to be able to get an API, I see the opportunity to input an email address to get an invite directly on the wp.com site, which I did before getting FLOCK. I haven't gotten an email to be able to 'sign up'.

    Since I got FLOCK installed I haven't seen anything of value (or not) pointing me to get a wp.com blog ...

    And I input another email address on the wp.com site awhile ago since the email address I input previously has shown itself to be troublesome in getting email from some forums, so now I await an invite email for two different email addresses.

    So you are saying though: Using FLOCK has nothing to do with wp.com and getting an API via getting an account there easily. I could have avoided FLOCK entirely and just sat here waiting for an email to be able to sign up with wp.com.

    I am not saying I thought FLOCK would enable me to get a wp.com API, I am saying it's not clear that is does or doesn't, it's this that clarification was asked about:

    "Want WordPress.com?
    Download Flock ..."

    How does wp.com have anything to do with being gotten by getting FLOCK? I see nothing in FLOCK to guide me that way, only the wp.com site has that very statement at the top of the page, as a link to "get FLOCK".

    Sitting, Waiting, Wishing, as I count the spam that's Hitting...

  5. chimommy
    Posted 9 years ago #

    It's like a deal... download and use Flock, get a free wp.com blog. As I said, you have to open Flock as your browser and use it to go to the following url... http://wordpress.com/flock/

    When you do that, it should give you a form to sign up for the wp.com blog. If that's not working, I'm not quite sure what could be wrong. Worked for me last night.

    Once you sign up for the wp.com blog, check your profile info and grab your API Key, upload the plugin to your stand alone blog like normal, activate it and then enter the API Key.

    So yes, using Flock will allow you to get a wp.com blog without having to wait for an invite to come in. :)

  6. Arlo
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Georgian, if you use flock to go to wordpress.com, there is a direct link (as posted above) that immediately gives you an wp.com account set up screen.

  7. georgianlady
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Y'all it's a bit more so complicated.

    I found it finally myself.

    Open up FLOCK, the default page that loads has some stuff on it, click on the linked word BLOG there on the page.

    The page that loads has a list of blogs, three kinds of blogs. Click on "WordPress" and THAT is what I needed, it takes you to a signup page ONLY for FLOCKY people.

    Maybe there was a link on the wp.com site before, maybe not, I don't know. I never saw it like I just now did on wp.com in the FLOCK browser. Anyhow, I can't verify what's what as I found the sign up via the way I wrote in the beginning of this post, so, FWIW, maybe I was using FF when I tried via wp.com before.

    In any case, I looked through FLOCK menus and helps and couldn't find a thing in it, and only found the help looking at blog entries about flock on wp.com.

    Thanks y'all. I'm not a slow person, really. Just looks that way from this. :)

  8. chimommy
    Posted 9 years ago #

    No problem. I wouldn't be surprised if anything I have said today makes no sense what-so-ever. I was up all night last night so my mind is mush. LOL

  9. Michael Bishop

    Posted 9 years ago #

    All I know is that since the announcement of Akismet, my blogs have been getting hit with much more spam than before, call it a coincidence if you will, but BB and SK have been working over time, and not one has gotten through. IF Akismet works for you, good, but as I said, it is a tad odd that the spam junkies are working over time all of a sudden.

  10. Miklb, I just got hit by a large spam wave too, but it was all from the same IP, and Bad behavior blocked it. Check your Bad Behavior logs to see if you're in the same boat. If you are, just block that IP with .htaccess.

  11. piginzen
    Posted 9 years ago #


    I just today signed up for my wordpress.com account and received my API Key... I put it in my Akismet Config in my other wordpress install and I keep getting this error:

    "Your key appears invalid. Double-check it."

    Does your API take a while to incubate?


  12. You need to be using v1.06 (or higher) of the plugin.


  13. piginzen
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hello MacManX - Thanks for writing!

    I am actually using v1.11.

  14. Hm, in that case, you may want to contact the developers with "a support or feature request".


  15. piginzen
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Just did!

    Thanks. I hope they get back quickly. I am very anxious about getting this going...

    SK2 actually wont work with a plugin of mine, so I stopped using it... and am looking for an alternative as BadBehavior doesn't always get EVERYTHING...

  16. Ah, but that's the beauty of Bad Behavior. Its developer hates false positives, and so do I. I would rather have a plugin that doesn't get everything than a plugin that gets everything and maybe a few legitimate comments along the way too. But, I have heard that Akismet is very very accurate, so that is probably an exception.

  17. piginzen
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I completely agree with you... & yeah, Bad Behavior is pretty darn good...

  18. If you're interested, Bad Behavior's developer actually recommends running it alongside Akismet, since it will still stop bots before they access your site, thus lowering yours and Akismet's load.


  19. piginzen
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I contacted Matt last week and have yet to hear back from him... I wonder if my emails are getting through.

    Has anyone else had this problem?


  20. Pong
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I got Akismet, and it's great. There's just one thing that's odd to me: the "Caught Spam" page on my blog says "There are currently 12 comments identified as spam", but the list below shows only 6...?

  21. EyeNo
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Had the same thing Pong except mine was more 977/144.

    Plugin seems to work great!

  22. Pong
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Um... bump? Nobody finds this strange?

  23. Have you made an attempt to contact the developers of Akismet?


  24. peninah
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I have the same issue as pong and EyeNo and have written the developers [it's only been about 2 hours so I haven't heard back yet]... Other than that, Kismet is amazing. :)

  25. Matt Mullenweg
    Posted 9 years ago #

    The numbers may be different because it hides duplicates.

  26. vkaryl
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Matt's reply being anything but transparent:

    The number of spam displayed is apparently only the number of unique IPs that spam is coming from.

    So if you have 1000 spam akismet is showing, but you can only look at 250 of them, then all of the 1000 are presumably coming from 250 unique IPs.

    Or so I've read elsewhere somewhere, but search being the piece of *ahem* that it is, and google hanging for me right now, I can't come up with the relevant threads, sorry.

  27. computerfriend
    Posted 9 years ago #

    All I can say about Askimet and the run-on sentences and rants in this part of the forum is this:
    If you develop something for WordPress, that's wonderful. However, you should also have the courtesy to make it simple for people to adopt your solution. How this particular plug-in got bundled with WordPress is beyond me, because it is a TOTAL HASSLE to adopt it. Let's see:
    1. We can't just activate the plug-in, we have to have an API key.
    2. We can't get an API key unless we jump through hoops, and extremely confusing hoops.
    3. The API key does not appear as promised when a person signs up to get an account with WordPress. It is supposed to appear under "My Account" and be contained in an e-mail that verifies that a person has a new WordPress account. IT DOES NOT. So don't provide faulty instructions. We don't appreciate that.
    4. Then there is the issue that there is a WordPress.ORG and a WordPress.COM. I have an account with WordPress.ORG called Computerfriend. I can post to these forums with that. HOWEVER, this API key is no part of that, it has to come from an account with WordPress.COM. So, I signed up as "computerfriend" with WordPress.com. Now it wants me to make a blog. I already have a blog and don't need another one. This brings me to the next point.
    5. Somewhere in here I am told I have to have a blog with WordPress.COM in order to get an API key. When I tried to sign up as computerfriend.wordpress.com, a message came up saying "SORRY, that name is taken."
    6. So, what is the convoluted story here? I still don't have an API key, I don't appreciate the total waste of my time and the total run-around caused by this insanity, and the next time you come up with the perfect solution which involves all this so-called "teamwork" how about NOT straining it through a committee of Geeks. Road test it with beginning and average users to see if it is a useful and easy to implement solution, or a QUAGMIRE, which this obviously is. Like I said, I don't know how in the world such a fine piece of work as WordPress adopted such a half-baked solution as this. Just the number of posts complaining about it in here should be a HUGE CLUE that you've gone down the wrong road.
    Thanks. I'll get back to trying to figure this out. And please, Make sure all the instructions are correct in this chain, and I mean EVERY instruction. Otherwise, please withdraw it from the pool of contributions or provide adequate warnings.

  28. resiny
    Posted 9 years ago #

    computerfriend, before you go making a fool of yourself (or is it too late?) keep in mind that getting akismet is childishly simple, and that 99% of people seem to have no problem with it.

    1. Go to http://wordpress.com/signup/
    2. Signup using the username you want, your email, and check that you agree with the terms of service. Fill in the radio button that says "Just an username, please."
    3. Go to your inbox, and click the confirmation link that just came
    4. In size 60 letter that just might be big enough for you to understand will be your username and password
    5. Go to wordpress.com and login in the form halfway down the right side of the page
    6. Go to your inbox, and open the new message with subject "New WordPress.com User: whatevernameyouregistered"
    7. Go to the end of the message, highlite your API key, and press control+c
    8. Go to your wordpress install/wp-admin
    9. Log in
    10. Click plugins halfway accross the horizontil admin menu
    11. Scroll down until you see akismet.
    12. click "activate"
    13. In the tab next to "plugin editor" click "akismet configuration"
    14. click the text field, and press control+v
    15. Press "update API key"
    16. Rejoice in how wickedly clever you are to solve such an amazingly easy task after whining in the forum and then getting detailed 16 step instructions

    and next time try not to come off like a prick. This plugin is not difficult to use if you actually read and follow the instructions instead of disreguarding them is bogus.

    In other words, don't complain about something that you're the only one having problems with

  29. computerfriend
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Hey there, resiny,
    If I'm the only one having problems with this, why are there 59 comments about it?
    As a person who usually helps others with their frustrations, I don't appreciate runarounds, and that is what this has been.
    I did finally get an API key. What is really strange is that the "verification e-mail" link caused a window to open which sent me around in 30 circles. The e-mail with the API key didn't appear for quite a while.
    I don't feel like a fool by any means by filing a complaint. Instructions should be clear and the process should be stated correctly.
    Thank you for your step-by-step condescending instructions.
    And by the way, WordPress.com is evidently having issues, which is part of this problem. Do me a favor, before you decide that I'm some kind of prick or moron, right now today, go sign up with WordPress.com for a new blog. Go through the process of getting your e-mail verification with your API key. And while you are at it, follow the instructions that say you should log into your new blog and your API key will magically appear somewhere.
    What you will find is, you can't get to the Dashboard after you log in to your Site Admin link. It doesn't work with Firefox and it doesn't work with Internet Explorer 6 and it doesn't work on any computer I try it on. This isn't my ISP doing this, this is WordPress.com being flaky.
    However, you have helped in this situation so I do appreciate that. I don't appreciate the annoyance of convoluted processes that take hours to achieve.
    Computerfriend. I will get back to being friendly.

  30. resiny
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Actually, as I was typing that out I was going through all the steps myself to make sure there really were no black holes one could fall into.

    As I suspected, the whole process whent without a hitch...in firefox

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