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  • Expanding on an idea and work done by Phil Hord ( several months ago, I wrote a WordPress filter plugin for embedding Google AdSense ads into blog posts. I’ve finally gotten around to packaging it up so that others might benefit from its ease of use and flexible options for managing AdSense code within your blogs.

    Phil’s plugin allowed you to embed anHTML comment into your posts and before the post was displayed it would substitute the Google AdSense code in place of the comment. You simply edited a variable in the plugin’s PHP file to paste your chosen AdSense code in place of his.

    The AdSense-Deluxe plugin builds upon this paradigm by giving you a control panel where you can define unlimited “named” AdSense ad styles.

    AdSense-Deluxe features:

    * Define unlimited AdSense ad styles for use in your WordPress blog posts.
    * Use multiple, different AdSense blocks within a single post.
    * Enable/disable individual ad blocks with two clicks.
    * Enable/disable where ads are shown (home page, post pages, archives, search pages, etc.)
    * Change ad styles globally from the control panel.
    * Includes an AdSense Preview tool within the AdSense-Deluxe control panel for quickly viewing the ads Google would place on a given web page.
    * WordPress 1.5+ compatible (requires 1.5 or later)
    * Simple installation, no understanding of plugin code or PHP required.
    * [naturally, …] it’s free!

    More information and download available at

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  • How to add plugin and how to wrap text for those of us less apt at wordpress.

    Hey all I posted this in another post but thought I should post it here too. It should solve two problems, one if you are having a tough time figuring out how to even get the thing in your wordpress (this was my first plugin so it took me a while) and two it shows a way to get the text to wrap around the ads (also took me a long time to do since I don’t know too much coding.)A friend thought I should post a solution on my blog. So I did.

    You can find the solution at my blog at. I made the solution pretty detailed so I didn’t post it here but it shouldn’t need more explanation. (If it does just post a comment)

    Hey all just wanted to say that Adsense-Deluxe works with Chitika. Check out my post on that, there are some extra things you have to do to allow more than 3 ads per page but I explain it all at
    I also talk about wrapping text around Chitika ads

    Sweet plugin once again.

    I want the script to display an ad between the first and second post. How can I do that?

    Yes this plugin is great, i have been using this plugin on my blogs and, the options it gives are great.

    this plugin actually works with anything. I’ve got it set up with some affiliate links, buttons and banners. It’s a great plugin.


    I just set this up today and it is amazing! At first the ads wouldn’t show, but you have to go to options and set all ads to be enabled first. I’m also using the wrap around text thing with it. Example at

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