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  • Hey guys! New to the plugin, and loving it.

    Using it with Divi and have a question. In my timeline, it appears that my announcements aren’t stacking below each other like in the demos on the website. They’re bouncing back and forth on each side of the timeline correctly, but instead of each announcement butting up to the one above it, there are large gaps between them.

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    Hi @ericmurrell,

    The smaller gaps as seen in our demo is actually our Pro version. What you are seeing is the method our Pro version uses to layout the timeline items – although it still has the ability to layout the timeline the same way it does in the free version, through the legacy support option on the settings page. The pro version comes with two methods of layout, and the one you see there is laid out using JavaScript.

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    Okay, I upgraded to pro, and that looks better. I do notice a bug with them stacking out of order in a few instances though (I’ve triple-checked the dates). It seems like a 2013 item in the left column is stacking higher than a 2012 one on the right. Is there a way to resolve that?

    Also, I notice the plugin is weirdly cropping my images and lowering their resolution. Is there an exact dimension template I need to upload to get around that?

    Otherwise, everything about this plugin has been fantastic.

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    It’s possible that the length of the announcement content is throwing off some of the announcement orders. Can you try adding some test content with a bit of length to some of the items that are out of order?

    As for the image resolutions, are you trying to use a full sized, larger image size? We do have a filter built into the plugin allowing you to filter the image size that is used.

    One option is the use the full image size for the announcements (this could also possibly help with the out of order items on the timeline):

    function custom_timeline_express_announcement_image_size( $image_size, $post_id ) {
        $image_size = 'full';
        return $image_size;
    add_filter( 'timeline-express-announcement-img-size', 'custom_timeline_express_announcement_image_size', 10, 2 );

    You can also reference other image sizes outside of ‘full’, such as ‘medium’, and ‘large’.

    Another option is to define your own image size using the WordPress core function add_image_size, and then use the above filter to reference your new image size.

    If you go this route, it’s worth noting that you will need to regenerate your thumbnail images, so the newly defined image size is present. These image sizes are generated when an image is uploaded, so only new images you upload would have the new custom image size present. To regenerate thumbnails I would recommend Regenerate Thumbnails.

    Also, feel free to shoot us an email using the contact page on our site now that you are a pro user if you’d like to take things off of the support forums.

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    @codeparrots What are the default dimensions that I should upload to keep the images from getting cut up or reprocessed?

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    The original dimensions are 350×120, which after recent discussions with other customers is too small for most needs, especially when the timeline is set to a single column layout. Most users have the timeline in a full-width container on the page, which causes this pixelation issue more often than not.

    Defining a custom image size would be the best option to get a larger image size in there. We are going to revisit this and set that default thumbnail size larger in a future release.

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