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  • Theme Author Tomas Mackevicius


    Tiny Forge v1.5.6 (2014-03-27)

    – Enhancement: updated mobile menu (via theme Expound 2.0.1). IMPORTANT: some CSS class names changed! If you used custom mobile menu styles, please check the new CSS code in Child Theme Example to update your child theme.
    – Enhancement: realized that people DO NOT read readme.txt 🙂 so added a non-disruptive admin notice to inform users about additional resources. Big thanks to Konstantin Kovshenin for the code ( ).
    – Enhancement: changed media query’s (section 12.1) minimum targeted width from 600px => 770px. This way I’m targeting 7″ tablets in Portrait view.
    – Enhancement: increased z-index of top menu drop down, to keep it on top of other elements (like galleries, sliders, etc.).
    – Enhancement: added bottom margin for the Recent Comments widget entries in Sidebar.
    – Enhancement: increased avatar sizes for author byline and comments.
    – Enhancement: increased text size for comment author name.
    – Enhancement: improved menu navigation for keyboard and voice-over interactions by properly focusing on submenu items when they are open (via Twenty Twelve).
    – Enhancement: updated the HTML5 Shiv to 3.7.0 (via Twenty Twelve).
    – Enhancement: style select element (via Twenty Twelve).
    – Enhancement: added bold style to post author’s name in comments (via Twenty Twelve).
    – Enhancement: removes doc block comments for @return void (via Twenty Twelve).
    – Enhancement: on attachment pages for audio and video, display players. Currently, only a link is displayed. Add minimal CSS rules for compatibility (via Twenty Twelve).
    – Enhancement: increased font size for the comment box.
    – Enhancement: new tutorial added: Display featured image thumbnail in archive views (index page, categories, etc.) ( )
    – Enhancement: new tutorial added: Enable Site Logo for mobile view ( )

    – Bug fix: small implementation bug in functions.php ( ).
    – Bug fix: hide mobile menu in IE compatibility mode.

    – Translation: updated Tiny Forge POT file.
    – Translation: added Lithuanian translation – BIG thanks to Mantas Malcius ( ).
    – Translation: added Russian translation – BIG thanks to Pavel Veshinak
    – Translation: added several expressions used in Tiny Forge Child Theme example.
    – Translation: modified functions.php of Tiny Forge Child Theme example to correct name space for the function that is overwriting parent theme’s function.
    – Translation: added admin panel notice string.
    – Translation: updated German translation – BIG thanks to Ralph Stieber. Now de_DE-Du version will be activated by default.

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