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    Version history (changelog) is also available at:

    Tiny Forge v1.5.4 (2014-01-17)

    – Announcement: published “How to use Tiny Forge and its child themes: a comprehensive guide” at:

    How to use Tiny Framework and its child themes: a comprehensive guide

    – Enhancement: IMPORTANT – updated Elusive-Icons webfont. From now on Elusive-Icons webfont CSS styles start with .el-icon-* instead of an old .icon-*, also the individual icon codes changed, so please update with new ones. If you were using social icons, please check section “Quick start guide – 6.” to get updated code. This update might break some of the websites, but it is not something I can control.

    If you had custom embed styles, please update them. More info on:

    – Enhancement: changed Child Theme Name: Tiny Forge Child => Tiny Forge Child Example. Preparing to publish Child theme example at
    – Enhancement: moved humans.txt to /inc folder.
    – Enhancement: moved editor-style.css and editor-style-rtl.css to /css folder (functions.php, editor-style.css, editor-style-rtl.css).
    – Enhancement: added Twitter Bootstrap alert CSS styles.
    – Enhancement: changed title for protected and private posts – words “protected” and “private” are replaced by lock or lock + user symbols.
    – Enhancement: for a cleaner look removed underline text decoration from meta links.
    – Enhancement: in article meta author now stand first, followed by publishing date.
    – Enhancement: show comments meta (comment count) even commenting is disabled (via Twenty Fourteen).
    – Enhancement: added additional body classes – category (or any other taxonomy) class for single posts, Page slug. Additional body classes ported from Twenty Fourteen – Index, archive views, Single views, Presence of header image, Presence of footer widget(s).
    – Enhancement: added additional post classes – add a post class to denote Non-password protected page with a post thumbnail (ported from Twenty Fourteen).
    – Enhancement: added specific CSS style for blockquote inside comments.
    – Enhancement: wrapped tinyforge_setup in if ! function_exists (functions.php).
    – Enhancement: decreased distance between articles in archive view.
    – Enhancement: decreased top margin and added bottom margin for the UL and OL sublists.
    – Enhancement: renamed some titles for theme customizer to make it more clear (ported from Twenty Fourteen).
    – Enhancement: Changed “if” statements for functions.php according to new WordPress coding standards (always require braces).
    – Enhancement: added Tip25b – Disable special icons, that marks the links that will open in a new window (style.css) (only in child themes).
    – Enhancement: added Tip26b – Print HTML bellow post title with meta information (date/time and author) for the index/archive views in MOBILE and/or NORMAL view (style.css) (also in child themes).
    – Enhancement: simplified Tip30 (removed optional code from content.php).
    – Enhancement: added Tip32 – Add shadow to post/page title (style.css) (also in child themes).
    – Enhancement: disabled default hyphenation of text for <article>. Added Tip33 – Enable hyphenation of text for <article> (style.css) (also in child themes).
    – Enhancement: added Tip34 – Display author info card at the bottom of posts on a single author website (functions.php) (also in child themes).
    – Enhancement: updated code for Tip81 – Completely disable the Post Formats UI in the post editor screen – disabled by default (functions.php) (also in child themes).
    – Enhancement: added Tip84 – Remove error message on the login page – better for security reasons.

    – Bug fix: corrected the font size of comment meta next to entry title (only in child themes).

    – Translation: new string to translate: “Site Title Color”, “Display Site Title & Tagline”

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