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  • Hi all.
    I created a simple plugin which, when activated, refuses any comment that contains a spam word listed in Options>Discussion>Comment Moderation
    This method checks the comment body, author, email, url, and poster’s IP address against the Comment “common spam words” listed. Because it also checks IP, it can effectively blacklist an IP from posting comments, simply by adding the IP to the “common spam words”.
    This plugin is currently available at:
    I apologize if something like this has already been written… I tried several other spam blockers, but nothing was very simple for others to setup, though I’m certain they’re very effective as well.

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  • Finally. SpamWordBlock was a snap to install, required no configuration and most importantly stopped the steady flow of “texas holdem” spam I was receiving without compromising wanted posts.

    I downloaded, installed and activated SpamWordBlock. I sat back and enjoyed the peace and quiet. Thanks, you brought an end to the spam comments I was getting. This was easily the simplest spam blocking tool I have ever used and it has function great so far. Thanks.

    why is that even a simle sentence, ‘Spam words found’.
    did i miss any tweaking?

    Um… I don’t think I understand the question….
    “Spam words found” is outputted by the plugin if a person tries to post a comment that contains any of your listed “Common Spam Words”, and then the comment is not posted.
    What were you expecting to happen? Comments that do not contain any “spam words” will get posted to the entry as expected.

    Can someone help a dummy ?
    How do I configure what words/ip ii want blocked ?
    hail hail

    Hi, I’ve got the same pb,
    I accessed the plugin modifiing page in my weblog but don’t know how to modify or to add words and IP in it. Can anybody help us?
    Best Regards
    A Newbie

    Yeah, I could need some info as well.

    Hey, I found it…
    Check this:
    go to your admin area and go here….
    Options>Discussion>Comment Moderation
    It is even posted in this thread :S

    Yeah, it’s working!
    Great plug in !

    Thanks, this is a great piece of software. This stopped a rash of spam e-mail I had for texas hold-em and numerous sexual dysfunction drugs. I have also added as an extra precaution, the plugin Trencaspammers which forces a commenter to enter in a six digit code before posting. This plugin is available for download at:
    I found it easy to install and activate in the plugins portion of the WP admin station.
    Also, I have found that monitoring my regular spam e-mail provides me alot of deviant ways to spell words that are in the common spam words list to add to the list.

    that’s how it’s supposed to work unless you start enforcing a string length match which would reduce the effectiveness of the word blocking.

    Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t checked this thread in awhile… looks like the previous posters have figured out how to add words thanks to you guys!
    presto… that’s a good point about substrings within words. And, charle97 has the correct response. However, I should be able to add an option in the script that lets the user let it be “less strict” or something.
    I’ll get back to you about that.

    Thank you, jburley.

    Glad it’s useful!

    I had the same problem with html entities being used to get past the moderation-keys, and posted my solution, such as it is, here.
    It is far from optimum, since it involves editing source, but if josh thinks it is appropriate to fold into SpamWordBlock (or any other spam-handling plugin writer), that would be better than me making a separate plugin.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 45 total)
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