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  • I’ve implemented a SpamAssassin plugin for WordPress which speaks the spamd protocol natively without any help from outside programs. It should work on 1.2 and later; I’m using it on 2005-01-02 with no trouble (so far).

    I know there’s already a hack for this, but it requires Perl and some Perl modules and that’s not an option for a lot of people.

    This is completely bare-bones so far and there’s a lot of room for improvement. Please let me know if you find any unknown bugs with it.

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  • Update: I’ve updated this to version 0.2 with the Windows fix and another fix for message headers. Please go grab a new copy. Thanks!

    Update again: I’ve updated the plugin to version 0.3, including moderation for suspicious comments and a better internal format which SA likes a lot better.

    Yet another update: This plugin has been ported to MT by thoellri over at

    If you’re using this plugin please post here and let me know. Seeing no feedback at all is kind of scary. 🙂

    Trying it now. Your site text is really big o_O

    Heh. My site text is your browser’s default size. I can’t stand a font size of 62.5% … actually, can’t READ it is more accurate …

    The WordPress SpamAssassin plugin 0.4 has been released. Go get it while it’s hot! New in this release: It now logs its activity so you actually can tell it’s doing something. Lack of feedback/logging was the only real complaint I’ve had with it so far…

    Finally someone reported an actual problem! If you’re receiving errors about “Headers already sent� when posting a comment using this plugin, please do two things: (1) get the latest checkin from, and (2) yell at your web host for their server misconfiguration.

    I’ve released version 0.5 today which works around the above server misconfiguration, and also fixes a problem with false positives on WP 1.2. It also provides improved trackback/pingback screening on 1.5. Thanks to h4xx0r for the feedback!

    Just a note to say that this is THE solution as far as I’m concerned.

    Simple, yet devastatingly effective. I had been using a combination of more than five different techniques/plugins before, including RBL, and spam was still getting through.

    Since implementing this plugin (and turning all of the others off in the process), I haven’t had any. Thanks!

    Don’t be too quick to rely on a single solution. I had a spam posted last night that made it past SpamAssassin and the one other blocking method I use. Had it not been for a nice list of spam words, it would have been posted to my blog, instead of gone into moderation. Upon checking it out, it appears it was posted by software I haven’t seen before. Ah, back to the war on spammers…

    The SpamAssassin Plugin version 0.6 has been released today. When used with a recent nightly, it can send suspicious comments to moderation unaltered. Previous versions placed a tag in suspicious comments to cause them to be moderated. (It still does this with 1.2.)

    Hi error,

    I used to use this plugin when I was back at 1.2.2, and it worked well! I loved the effectiveness of this plugin.

    But when I had recently upgraded to 1.5 and installed the latest version pf WP SpamAssassin, it send almost every single comment to moderation despite them being totally legitimate (No spam words, no spammers IP…etc)

    Is there any fix for this?

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