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  • Hi,
    After requesting this several days ago, I ended up doing it. Believe me, I have other hobbies 🙂
    Here is the first version of a hack that will let you be notified each time someone comments a post on your blog.
    I coded this for myself but decided to make it public I’d appreciate any comments. However I have no immediate plans to improve functionality. When the next version of WP is out, including custom fields for users, I’ll modify it to support it. Pardon the horrible indentation of the array creation, I’ll be changing that after I get some sleep 😉

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  • Thank BW. I had forgotten this line when I cleaned up the code:
    I have updated the wiki page to reflect this. Of course, you have to include the class file in order to use the class… oups!
    Let us know if it works for u.

    Now it works perfect 🙂

    Trying to get this thing to work. Was able to perform all the steps outlined in the installation procedure except for this one:
    You must insert the following line in wp-comments-post.php, at line 107, just before if($email….
    apply_filters(‘action_publish_comment’, $comment_ID);
    My wp-comments-post.php doesn’t even have a line 107. It ends at 104. There’s no “if($email” anywhere in the file either. Where the crap should I jam: “apply_filters(‘action_publish_comment’, $comment_ID);”?

    Have you tried rss2jabber ?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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