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  • Now available for WP1.5, Text Control allows you to take complete control over how you want to the text on your blog rendered.

    With Text Control you can use a multitude of text processing engines including:

    • Markdown
    • Textile 1
    • Textile2
    • autop
    • nl2br
    • SmartPants
    • texturize
    • …or just disable formatting all together!

    Learn more about this plugin, and view some screen shots over at the plugin page for Text Control

    Please, use the Ticket feature to report bugs as I don’t check here too often. (Your username and password from these forums will work if it asks you.)

    Text Control

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  • This plugin is brilliant. I wished I found it a LONG time ago.

    Can someone explain the differences in formating and results with:
    # Markdown
    # Textile 1
    # Textile2
    # autop
    # nl2br
    # SmartPants
    # texturize

    What does each do? How are they different?

    I can’t get it working, and it’s not listed as something I can submit a ticket for!!!!!

    this is what I was going to submit:

    subject: problems with Options interface

    namely, it doesn’t show up at all…and the plugin doesn’t seem to be doing anything, either, if I change the formatting on a by-page basis.


    (yes, I followed the directions; I’ve also tried deleting and reuploading, deactivating & reactivating.)

    only I don’t see text-control in the dropdown list….grr.

    It was working PERFECTLY for me, and all of a sudden, without any updates to WordPress or changes to any admin files, it stopped. I get nothing but the WordPress and Firefox logo on the Text Control panel from the Options.

    This is very strange. I’m going to post a note about it.

    I had a problem when I installed it on my server. The ZIP file didn’t automatically create a “text-control” directory (which is where all the files should be placed with the exception of the main text-control.php file).

    If you don’t create this directory, you can install the plugin and set it up in the options menu — so it kind of looks like it is working — but will not let you publish correctly and give you errors.

    I, too, had the problem reported above (the non-existent “control panel” under the Options menu/tab). It was a permissions problem. Once I set all the TEXT-CONTROL related files to be both readable and executable, the problem went away.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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