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  • I’m having a problem with the Customizr theme on the iPad. When my site loads everything looks good but as soon as the first slider animates, the leftmost feature image disappears and never comes back. Also when you click on the feature item photo the animation looks blocky and does not animate smoothly at all.

    Everything looks perfect on the PC in Win 7. I have the latest OS on the iPad. I’m running a child theme but I’m only making a couple of changes. The same thing happens when I use the normal theme so I don’t think its anything I’m doing in the CT.

    Check it out for yourself but remember the problem is in on the iPad:

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  • Not sure what’s happening as works fine on my iPad3?

    Can you post a link to an image?

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I really love this theme and I want to get this worked out, so thanks for the response.

    I have a first version of the iPad 3 and I see the problem even after I clear the cashe. But on my wife’s iPad mini it works fine except the feature images don’t animate correctly.

    Here a screenshot from my iPad 3. Notice the missing feature image on the left below the slider. It disappears just after the first slider animates.

    Maybe the images are too large for the iPad video buffer and throws out the first one in the stack…..?

    Here’s my screenshot

    Do you have any other friends who can try it? Wondering if you have some iPad setting that is causing it.

    I checked with friends who are using the iPad 3 (early version with 30 pin power adapter)and also with people with iPhone 4s and the same problems happens.

    Yes, it does this for me too on your site. And I’ve had a similar problem with one of my blog posts doing the same thing.

    It’s just a hunch, but this post might give us a clue.

    Could you uncheck the option Enable/disable blocks reordering on small devices in the Responsive settings of Customiz’it and tell us if that solves the problem?

    Yeah, that cleared up the issue with the disappearing feature image! Thanks!

    But the animation is still not smooth. I’m still going be moving to a different theme that works correctly on all iPads. I need this to represent my company so I can’t have any problems. I would be more that willing to pay for an upgrade if I knew it would work correctly but …..

    Great that this fixes the image problem.

    Sorry you’re moving on.

    Hi Tesch,
    The animation you are mentioning is the one of the slider?
    Thanks for your feedbacks, it helps!

    Hi nikeo. No, it’s the choppy response on touch devices. As “hover” doesn’t exist, you should go straight to “click”, but the devices tend to try to animate as well after the click, but then the new page cuts in and it aborts the animation, showing the whole square, rather than the circle. In summary: it looks messy.

    A really neat solution would be to make the featured pages widen on one click and go to the page on the second click: a bit like menus sometimes can. But I don’t know (a) if this would have wide support and (b) if this would mean you creating a whole new functionality or whether you have it in your bag of tools already 🙂

    or maybe disable the hover for those user agents in jquery? .. since the hover class for widget front is added in tc-scripts.
    Well, nikeo sures know the best way to accomplish that 😀

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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