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    I have created a new slider after update 1.5.3.
    First slide shows up but just stands still – no sliding with autoplay.

    Putting a new slide to an existing slider works as expected.

    Got this JS-error on console:
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘parentNode’)
    at E (superblockslider.js?ver=2f4e189832a80b1ed9c37ff2fa5ad556:1:3469)


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  • Plugin Author Michael


    Hi, I was not able to replicate the error you’ve encountered(tested on Chrome, Firefox, Edge).

    It may be that you have code(HTML) generated by much older version of the slider block.

    Can you try:
    Created a new empty page,
    Add a new slider block and new slides.

    Do you still get the error?


    Plugin Author Michael



    Please update to version 1.5.4
    I added an additional check for the “parentNode’ error. Hopefully it will fix it for you.

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    Hi Michael,

    I’ve created a new slider on a new page and
    with version 1.5.4 everything is OK now.

    Thank you for the quick fix! 😀

    Thread Starter digitalPurist


    status update: resolved.
    thanks again.

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