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    Frequently questions here about why uploaded animated GIFs are inserted as still frames, and the “fix” is to upload in intended size and use original. Thats fine for people who understand wordpress media sizing, but your average Jane/Joe does not get this nuance (for that matter, a default medium width of 300px is tiny IMHO)

    The thing is WordPress is quite able to resize animated GIFs and preserve animations — if the uploaded GIF is smaller than the medium size, WordPress generates a thumbnail version that is animated; if the original is larger than the medium size, it generates a static thumbnail.

    I documented the difference

    How about enabling resizing of animated GIFs to all the sizes? or at least to any size smaller than the original?

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  • Your article is wrong, I’m sorry. If you actually look at the media library you’ll see that the animaged image that’s used is the original image – not one that’s been resized. There’s no easy way to resize an animages GIF using PHP’s built-in functions as they don’t recognise the different frames, only the first frame.

    Okay, I see that it’s likely some css cropping to present what I mistook for resized animated GIFs.

    But apparently there are ways to do this via PHP

    Yes, there are ways, but they are not good, give pretty bad file sizes and are generally best avoided if you want to keep the quality of the image intact. That plugin will probably work well, but that’s still something that is pretty specialised and in my own opinion isn’t something that’s needed in core. I’m sure that you disagree though. 🙂

    Don;t be so sure. I don’t have much idea what it takes to do right. Thanks for the insight. I’ll be updating my post. Not the first nor last time I was wrong….

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