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  • Guys,

    Have just developed an animated banner shortcode for WP3.0

    Rather than going crazy on it, I’ve made a basic working Proof of Concept, and will use the next couple of weeks to develop those features that people believe would be useful.

    What I really need to get right is the relationship between captions and images- the problem I have right now is that I am allowing users to specify multiple captions (fine), and giving them an area in which to provide images etc.

    Right now, every image in their provided content will have the HTML captions overlaid in turn against each image. What I should be doing next (I think) is to extract any images they’ve added in the content, and also loop these as required.

    The question will then be… in what ways will I want to allow people to specify captions and images related to eachother, and how will they expect them to work?

    For example, if someone has given 2 images, and two captions, perhaps it makes sense to show the first image with the first caption, and the second image with the second caption… but what if they provided three captions?

    Alternatively… I could drop the captions idea, and just allow one caption per image. if they want multiple captions, they’ll need to add the same image multiple times, with different alt text (captions).

    The only immediate downside of this is that they will not have the ability (as they currently do) to add both a title and description for a caption – i.e. large text, small text… or bold text, light text. They will only have one area in which to write the caption, and all text will be uniform (and non-HTML etc).

    Anyway, thanks for reading, and looking forward to your feedback!


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