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    In the new update, the credit card icons rotate as if they were an animated gif. We don’t like this option, which looks aesthetically very bad on our website. Is there a way to recover the static credit card icons as previous versions of the plugin?


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    Hi Luis,

    In the new update, the credit card icons rotate as if they were an animated gif.

    In the most recent update the icons should still just show as:
    Where can we take a look at this?

    Kind regards,


    I’m agree, it’s not a great idea to animate card in this step…
    Could you make the choice in Back Office ?

    By the way, the sentence “Pay by…” is not translated in french and we can’t do it, even if with Locotranslate extension.



    Is there a way to fix this and revert it back to the static version of the card icons? The latest release is causing a tonne of issues for us (plenty of css issues on the checkout page)

    it doesn’t work for me either. My checkout is broken because of it.

    Maybe there should be a way to disable the animations and keep the previous state.

    Ours rotate too and conversions are down.

    Much better when all card images are shown at once.

    You can see them rotating through the credit card images at

    Hi @conschneider

    Is there a way to remove the animation all together and just display the static card icons? Is there any css code that can do this?

    The new plugin is really messing our site up and conversions are down

    I have used the plugin WP Rollback to roll back the plugin to version 5.5.0 which doesn’t have the card images on a carousel.

    Hopefully this issue gets fixed and isn’t permanent.

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    Hi @sl2021 & @mrkawaii,

    We should have a patch release by the end of the day today, or early tomorrow with a static credit card icon instead of the supported cards rotation.

    If you’d like a way around this sooner, you can also rollback to version 5.5.0 by downloading it from GitHub:


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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