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  • § Excerpt

    I am delighted to announce the release of Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro for WordPress 2.x blogs. It provides automatic machine translation of your blog in eight different languages – German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. If you liked my previous translator plugin then you are going to love it. It is search engine optimized, supports WordPress widgets, uses nice permalinks, super-fast (cacheable) and lots more.

    § Overview

    Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro replaces and supercedes the original popular Translator Plugin for WordPress and subsequent revisions. After the initial release and wide acceptance of our WordPress Translator plugin, we have spent enormous amount of time working out the kinks of different translator engines. We pre-process and post-process the translated data to ensure as closeness as possible to the original page content and layout. We have tried to provide you the best automatic machine translation within the limits of today’s machine translation technology and in many cases we have overcome and improved upon the translated output. We use multiple third-party translation services to provide you with the best possible machine translation.

    We re-engineered the plugin to provide nice, search-engine friendly URL’s which seamlessly blends with your site structure. You will see, as if by magic, your site instantly has 8 times the original number of pages, one set for each language.

    The translated pages are cached (configurable) to achieve significant performance improvement.

    The plugin can also be deployed as a WordPress widget, thereby eliminating any need to manually modify your templates. You can simply drag-and-drop the translator to display on your sidebar at your chosen location.

    Inspite of large amount of functionality, it doesn’t require any configuration (or expertise) to setup and use. Even your grandmother can use it. However it does provide rich configurability without requiring any code changes.

    And the best part is that it comes with 6 months of free support and free upgrade.

    Please check the translator bar in action on my test blog or our site for soon-to-be-released anaconda theme.

    Get the software today and instantly provide translated versions of your blog in eight different languages.

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  • The link is somehow missing from the previous post:
    Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro for WordPress 2.x blogs

    We have released Angsuman’s Translation Plugin Pro Version 3.0. This comes with several new features and enhancements, defects reported in version 2.0 has been fixed. The main thrust of this release is flexibility and configurability. We have exposed lot’s of choices to the end-user (blogger) with reasonable choices as default. This will ensure zero-configurability as before. However it now allows you to fine-tune the translator to your liking for each translated language.
    Read the details of this release here.

    Looking forward to your feedback.

    I don’t know if I’m just being silly, but there doesn’t seem to be a price for your plugin.

    In any event, I’m not convinced it’s better by enough than Trevor Creech’s free 8-language translation plugin to justify spending money on it.

    The key advantages of using my plugin over Trever’s are 1. the generated pages are on your site, like any other pages, and are bookmarkable and indexable by search engines 2. cachable and so much faster 3. better translation quality and options 4. full support and lifetime upgrades.




    mpgeorge, hows 30 bucks sound? (price is had by clicking the little CC image) I know what I think it sounds like. Cant knock a guy for trying to make a buck, but still ..

    Cant knock a guy for trying to make a buck

    Especially if it’s a quality product that represents a large investment of his time.

    You will see, as if by magic, your site instantly has 8 times the original number of pages, one set for each language.

    Since angsuman didn’t spell this out for those unfamiliar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, I will. The more original content your site has, the more value there is assigned to it by a search engine (as long as it’s not duplicated content–which has the opposite effect.) This leads to higher PageRank.

    Multiple translations of the exact same content represents the only acceptable way (that I know of) to get around these rules against content duplication. Not only is it not looked down upon, it’s actually seen as a valid service. If your current PageRank is at all close to the line of going up, this could be what pushes it over the hump.


    Thanks for the excellent explanations on SEO benefits. I couldn’t have said it better.

    Also thanks for your kindsupport in our effort to provide a quality product at a price. We put in lots of quality time and effort to make this as perfect as possible within the limitations of today’s machine translation technology.


    There Ain’t No Such That As A Free Lunch

    Trust me, I know this. I work in public television.

    WordPress itself excepted, of course? Free breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Advertising a commercial premium (i.e. you’ve got to buy it) plugin on a free forum for open-source software smacks a little of greedy opportunism. Perhaps the mods should create a forum on here where people can pay a subscription and then advertise their paid products.

    Sounds fairer to me.

    I second mpgeorge offer 😀

    WordPress has become a .com in case you didn’t notice. Yes, blogs are still free but Akismet uses for commercial purposes are not. And it is also a plugin. Software like RedHat are built on open source linux and in case you didn’t realize, they too charge for their enterprise version. We provide several plugins for free and we support them. In case of translator we found we had to put in lots of effort to develop a high quality product. Also it has higher support requirement for reasons best explained in my article, linked in my first post to this thread. We found that we needed to charge a modest fee to offset our costs.

    I have bought it – but it seems like it does not support what it says it supports.

    From the site: “Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro Version 4.0 for WordPress 2.x blogs. It provides automatic machine translation of your blog in thirteen different languages – German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Swedish, Greek, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.”

    I dont see any swedish flag. Not at your demosites, and not in the admin interface, after bought. Only in the sales exerpt.

    The closest I get is Norwiegan flag – and if I choose that – it says that nothing is available in my language. Ok?

    If you don have a solution for this coming up really soon – I would suggest you removing the “thirteen different languages” with swedish included and stick to your former eight – even though swedes are not that fast sewing as americans.

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