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Android SmartPhone Screen Jump

  • Hello,

    I am using this theme and on a desktop it works perfectly. However when viewing on Android Smartphone (Sony Xperia Z) the content loads quickly, then after 2-3 seconds the screen will jump back to the top of the content.

    So you can be scrolling slowly from the top downwards, reading the content, then 3 seconds after page load, the screen jumps to the top of article.

    This happens ONLY in mobile view and happens on all posts / pages and also on more than one domain I use. It only happens once per page/post, so must be caused by script / content loading in the background, which causes screen to jump to start of page/post.

    See: http://www.seosme.co.uk
    See: http://blog.halftermdates.co.uk

    Thanks for your support,


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