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  • Hello Everyone, [UPDATED]

    Apparently that Brett guy changed his demo site of it and the download link doesn’t work. I have a copy of it uploaded so it displays correctly in IE and FF.

    Thanks to Kate1 from here. Also, this Andreas08 WordPress theme is also compatible with WordPress version 2.0 RC3, besides version 1.5.2. I just had uploaded and tried it on my Version 2.0 RC3 blog and it seems to be working just fine. =)

    Again, great thanks to Kate1 on the WordPress Support forums for modifying the original done by brett7481 at this post here:
    Which those links don’t work anymore.

    See my demo here on the normal 1.5.2 version Blog:

    Download here:

    As far as I know, it should work and install properly, if it doesn’t let me know. Link to my blog is in the name “spencerp”. Also, just unzip that and upload the wordpress folder into your themes folder for WordPress, then enable it. =) Have fun with it!

    Can’t wait to get this modified it to my liking. =) Also, please note that I didn’t do any of the porting or conversion of it, it was done by the guy above, and then revamped by Kate1

    I hope ya have fun it lol, I know I am lmao!!

    MSN Messenger:

    It seems the rar is corrupt, as my winrar cannot open it and says file is corrupt…
    Too bad as I love the andreas08 template!

    UPDATE: When she had fixed my template on the Test blog, she had done it all via the control panel, because I had given her access to it. And she doesn’t use MSN no more… so the only way of getting ahold of her is through direct email. I’ll send her an email once and direct her to this post.

    Hopefully she can supply the correct unmolested files for it. I wish I could edit my previous post to remove that download link or edit it out for now. So for the mean time, I’ll remove that rar file off the server. I had tried opening up various header.php files on the hard drive and they shot errors of:

    Some number of solitary carriage returns where detected and removed. =(

    Also, the I had overlooked the footer wasn’t just right either, so that will have to be fixed as well. I was tinkering around over there with plugins and stuff. Possibly the footer was messed during the tinkering.

    I’ll tell her about this post and what not, and hopefully she can do up a ZIP or a TAR file for downloading… Sorry about that…thought everything was peachy! Guess not… =(

    I didn’t really want to give out this link for my WordPress for version 2.0 RC3 because I noticed a post regarding somethings not going to be included in it what not, but this is how the footer is supposed to be lol!! And also, with me removing codes ….in the main template file. Alot was missing in the main page. But don’t worry…the overall look on the test blog is how it’s normally displayed. =) <–I have alot of crap to do there yet lol! So don’t be surprised if it goes to shit one of these days hahaha….


    is there anyway i can get my hands on this template right now?



    All I can say, is try this one here:
    Download here:

    But please remember, that this is the one that wasn’t displaying correctly in IE, and was still screwy in FF. The thread that contained more information about it is here from the P.S. down…

    Hope this helps and it works for the most part. Maybe others out there can edit it all up and make a new downloadable version of it. =)


    P.S. I sent Katie1 an email about this thread, but haven’t recieved an email yet. She might just be busy or something…seems to take a little while lol!! Damn, I keep forgetting to add the “i” in Katie1 lol..



    Also, there is a variation of this theme called: Blue Finance.
    Can get the download from here:

    Also works IE and FF. =)




    I posted the download link in the theme section for those interested.

    You can download it here

    As well as view it here Andrea08

    Alex Mills


    That Andreas dude does awesome work. I’m seriously considering using a modified version of andreas02 for the next version of my blog. 🙂



    Or maybe Andreas03?

    Thanks for this, it is awesome!!!

    Alex Mills


    They’re all awesome! 🙂



    Look, more fans! Finallly!!! 🙂

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