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  • Making the classic editor a plugin makes me think that who knows when someone decides to declare this plugin OBSOLETE. I wish I could know who had the “wonderful” idea to include that Gutenberg nonsense as the standard editor instead of making it a plugin.

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  • The inclusion of Gutenberg as mandatory without this plugin is a garbage idea thought up by geeks who keep trying to ‘improve’ things hardly anyone asked for.

    I’ll be dumping WordPress and moving to an easier platform if this plugin becomes obsolete, as I will guarantee will half the people using WordPress.

    There was never any reason fro Gutenberg to become mandatory but the WordPress developers being the arrogant asses they are, they will never go back on what they do.

    Personally, I wish I had never started using WordPress as there are much better platforms out there that are not developed by fools that don’t have a clue what their users actually want.

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