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" and other Plugins to be Encrypted " (7 posts)

  1. SimonSov
    Posted 3 years ago #

    " and other Plugins to be Encrypted "

    Well, can you make your plugin work with the popular "Contact Form DB" (1/2 Million Downloads) Plugin? We highly search for encryption but can't find a simple solution yet. It would be awesome!


  2. SimonSov
    Posted 3 years ago #

    How much would it cost, if we pay or donate for the implementation?
    We need it :)

  3. Gravitate
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi SimonSov,
    It depends on the "Contact Form DB" plugin and whether or not it was made with all the appropriate filters and hooks.

    I will be looking into it within the next day or two and will report back with what I find. So expect to see a response by Wednesday the 21st.

    Here are the two possible outcomes:

    1. The Plugin does have all the appropriate filters and hooks. Then this would be an easy task and would be able to create an update within a week. I would NOT charge you, but instead you could spread the word about this update. (Blog Posts, Etc). It would be nice if you included links to our Plugin Page on our companies website. http://www.gravitatedesign.com/blog/wordpress-and-gravity-forms/

    2. The Plugin doesn't have the appropriate Filters and Hooks. Then the only way to get this plugin to work with ours is to customize the code for that plugin. Note: any custom code that gets done to any plugin gets overwritten when the plugin gets updated. So you would have to make sure not to update that plugin. We could do the customization, but that would be work we would have to charge for. Not sure how much at this time. Instead of customizing it I would prefer that you contact the Plugin creator and get them to update their plugin to incorporate the right filters and hooks. When I report back I will let you know specifically what filters and hooks they will need.

  4. SimonSov
    Posted 3 years ago #

    This would be awesome!

  5. Gravitate
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi SimonSov,
    So after looking into it further they do have a Pre-Submission Filter "cfdb_form_data". However, I can't find any information on a Pre-Display Filter.

    So yes the data can be Encrypted, however they don't have a method to decrypt the data before it is displayed.

    This means that it can be done, but not automatically. We would have to do some custom coding to get it to work. If you want the data to be displayed in the Admin Panel then we would need to customize the plugin itself meaning this would fit into Option #2 listed above.
    However, if you only need to display the data in a separate area then we could wrap the Shortcodes that CFDB uses to decrypt the data and then display the data the way you want it displayed. This means we wouldn't need to Customize the CFDB Plugin, but would need to create Custom code and therefore need to charge an hourly rate.

    Although if you have a good enough programmer, I could provide more details and I am sure they would be able to code it themselves.

    Let me know what you would like to do.

    PS. You should contact the CFDB Plugin creator and have them create another Hook. Opposite of "cfdb_form_data" where the filter is ran after the data is pulled from the database, but before it is displayed through a shortcode or in the admin panel.

  6. SimonSov
    Posted 3 years ago #

    "Let me know what you would like to do."

    Well, thank you for your detailed responses! I guess it's best to firstly wait for a quick response from the CF7DB author, he's currently not around / maybe on vacation.

  7. Gravitate
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    Have you gotten any response from the CF7DB author?

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