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  • Awesome plugin, extremely useful, so many thanks for making this happen guys!

    Quick question.

    I’ve got an Elementor section with 3 ACF fields.

    Currently I can hide each ACF field if empty, that’s cool. But I need to hide the entire section if ALL fields are empty.
    So currently I hide the section if ACF1 is empty.

    I would need to create a condition to hide the entire section if ACF1 (AND) ACF 2 (AND) ACF3 are empty, so ALL empty.

    Is there any way to do this currently?

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    such conditions are not build in, but i think you can trick with shortcodes.
    You could use shortcode as dynamic, and insert three shortcodes for the acf-fields und check for empty.
    Shortcode for acf fields is descriped here:

    Hey @rtowebsites ,

    Thanks for the tip, I’ll give that a try.

    I just came across to another possible issue.

    Firstly, the plugin doesn’t seem to work with the True/False ACF field. The “Compare Type” only has ‘text’ or ‘date’ values and it doesn’t accept “Hide” for the text conditional value. So possibly adding number, 1 and 0 or True and False could fix that?

    So instead I went for the standard radio button with ‘Show’ and ‘Hide’ text options, which works fine.
    But what I’m trying to do is that I’ve got a column that I would like to hide if the radio button says ‘Hide’
    ( ideally that should be the True/False ACF field, false for hide )

    This works fine and the column hides. BUT, the “resize other columns” doesn’t seem to work.

    So I guess it should work the way that if there are 2 columns both 50% wide, and 1 column is hidden, and the “resize other columns” option is YES, then the remaining column should stretch to 100%, correct?

    Is this something that could be fixed please?

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    Hello @joe-bloggs

    there is really an issue with resized column. It will be fixed in next release, coming soon.

    But i dont see a problem with the true/false ACF-field. It returns 1 or 0 and you can just enter “1” and check for equal.

    Edit: The column-resize-issue is now fixed with version 1.4.1

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    Hello @rtowebsites

    First of all, thank you for this amazing plugin!

    Unfortunately I’m experiencing the same problem with the true/false ACF-field. I set the condition to “is equal to 1” then show the section. I’m building a website for a client and if he activates the option on a post, then the post should be visible on the homepage. If no post is selected, the whole section should be hidden (since there is a static title above).

    Could you maybe help me with that?

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