• OK, some people decided to add a visual editor in WordPress by default, this is something I can understand.
    The purpose of eliminating the classic editor is totally beyond common sense!
    All the problems that we have to cope with … all the plugin conflicts, the different way we MUST work because “some people decided to add a visual editor in WordPress” AND to throw away the classic editor.
    Please do not bother to advise me to use the classic editor plugin. As we all know it does not have a future and it is a completely wrong idea.
    The classic editor should be a standard option and the user should be able to toggle between editors (this can be done with most visual editors in the market).
    I am really facing a dead end with most of my sites. After many trials in backup sites, it is clear now that I cannot update to the WordPress 5.0.
    Thank you so much!

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  • The classic editor is not eliminated. It’s available both in a block with Gutenberg as well as in the plugin you mentioned.

    I am really facing a dead end with most of my sites.

    Any chance you can talk a bit more about your site goals, the type of content you’re working with, and what happened when you tested?

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    Sorry for the late response.
    My main problem is that in many pages I use just code (the text option in the classic editor). I had to do this in order to include javascript and css where it was necessary. These pages – posts would even “break” in case I opened them in the old visual editor. For example I use a “print” function here for the bank account details (third accordion): http://www.kidmedia.gr/register
    and css to make a Google presentation responsive, here: http://www.kidmedia.gr/archives/933
    Now there is no option to use just the simple text editor. I must copy the content of the pages in the form of text and use the Gutemberg code block to paste the content back.
    So, there is a lot work to be done in already published sites if I want to be able to make minor changes to the content in the future.
    Of course there are certain plugins that create minor problems too, but the fact is that as far as new sites are concerned, Gutemberg is a great new feature but for published sites, all I can see is new workload.
    Anyway I have installed the classic editor plugin so that I will have more time to fix things and I will change my one star review, since it was too strict and not really fair for all the people that have worked so hard to make it happen.

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