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  • Hello Guys,
    is there a way to create an “AND” logic within the menus?

    I’am bulding a site for a exchange programs company.
    Lets say I have categories for “countries” in one side, and for “Types of courses” on the other.
    I want to display Countries in the first level of the menu, and with the mouse over it would show the “types of courses”. When choosing a type of course, it should only show those posts wich were categorized both in the chosen country and the chosen type of course.

    Right now the only solution I found is to create a sub-categories for each type of course within each country, but that wouldn’t be very practical to keep the website up to date.

    Is there a better way?
    thanks for the attention,

    P.S. English is not my mother tongue, please let me know if this is not clear enough.

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  • what you are looking for is advanced ‘search’. you can dig out plugins like these which can do it for you.

    Thank you,
    I see that this works well with the check boxes, but what I am looking for would work with the normal menus.
    Take the site I am creating (dont mind the art):

    Now, mouse over “Europa”, “Alemanha” (germany) than “Cursos de Línguas” (Language Courses).
    I wanted it to return all the posts that were categorized as both “Alemanha” and “curso de línguas”

    This way, when creating a new post, all I had to do is select the categories “Alemanha” and “Cursos de Línguas” .

    Is there any way?
    thanks again!


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