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  • Hello,

    My client wants anchor (jump) links within the main menu of the 2012 WordPress theme. The problem is that all anchor links are highlighted in the menu when one navigates to the page where the jump links are.

    I’ve been able to simply isolate the jumplink current (or active) color when one is already on the page through jquery, but not when one navigates to a jump link from another page. In this scenario all jump links associated with the page highlight the active (or current) color.

    Are there any solutions to this? It seems like php won’t recognize jump links as being different from one another because from the server’s standpoint it’s the same page (i.e., page#anchor1 and page#anchor2 are effectively the same)? Has anyone encountered this situation? Is there a solution so that only one anchor link in the menu can be highlighted at a time?

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