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  • apertureboy



    I need to wrap an anchor around a div:

    <a href="#"><div id="pause">Pause</div></a>

    But when I save, WP removes the div from inside the anchor and closes the anchor, then places the duplicates the anchor and wraps it inside a div.

    <a href="#"> </a>
    <div id="pause"><a href="#">Pause</a>

    Ive tried hacking kses.php but I suspect its in the tinymce – anyone know how to solve this?



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  • moshu


    tinymce is NOT for typing code. Period.
    Turn it off if you want to use your own code in a post content. Do NOT switch between visual/code – turn it off definitely in your profile.

    mine is replacing my links with _blank and rel=nofollow even though its just an anchor link further down the page.. please help

    I turned off the visual editor in my profile and still this hasnt made a difference.

    Its opening a new window on every click… causing the page to reload again.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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