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    Issue 1: we are experiencing a reporting issues on Analytics. The Total Sales figures for certain months are appearing different from what we recorded in the past. WC support mentioned we should perform a re-import of the historical data to resolve the issue but it did not fix it. Has anyone else experienced this issue or can help us with resolving it?

    Issue 2: Another thing we noticed is that shipping values on the analytics reports are showing as returns for orders paid with a custom Store Credit Feature which shouldn’t be the case.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Support Mirko P. woo-hc


    Hi @reandimo!

    Issue 1

    Can you also clear Analytics cache in WooCommerce > Status > Tools?

    To confirm, in which Analytics section did you find that figures don’t match? For reference, this is the total sales formula.

    Issue 2

    Refunded shipping charges appear as negative values in the shipping summary numbers and columns respectively. There is no mention of store credit being credited to the customer’s account after refunding shipping charges.


    We suggest isolating the issue by deactivating all plugins except WooCommerce and switching to a default theme like Storefront.

    Test shipping charges refunds and, if you don’t see the same behavior, that means it’s coming from your theme or most likely from another plugin.

    Reactivate the theme first and check again. Then, go on and reactivate your other plugins one by one, testing after each, until you find the culprit.

    You can find a more detailed explanation on how to do a conflict test here:


    Thread Starter Renan A. Diaz


    Hi @rainfallnixfig

    Thanks for the quick response, I did and reimported the data multiple times with cleared cache, and the issue persists, what I don’t understand is why the shipping is shown as a return in the analytics with orders paid with store credit, the only thing the store credit does is to reduce the total amount of the order by a given amount.

    P.D. All the orders of the previous screen capture have the status “completed”, they’re not refunds.

    Any ideas of what it could be?


    Plugin Support Mirko P. woo-hc


    Hi there,

    Thanks for getting back to us!

    Did you follow the advice above on running a conflict test and checking if the total sales figures in Analytics are still off? Can you provide a screenshot of the current figures and what the expected values should be?

    Please note that there is no default feature in WooCommerce core to pay orders with store credit. If you’re using a plugin for that functionality you may want to get in contact with the plugin author to get further assistance and see if the issue you report is related to the plugin.

    For the total sales, if the issue persists, could you share any error logs found in WooCommerce > Status > Logs as well as your site’s System Status? You can find it via WooCommerce > Status. Select “Get system report” and then “Copy for support”. Once you’ve done that, paste it here in your response.


    Thread Starter Renan A. Diaz


    Hi @rainfallnixfig

    Yes, I did, I tested the analytics without my current theme and disabled all the plugins and the numbers still do not match according to the client’s previous records.


    Dec 2021
    What it should be:
    What is showing:

    Sep 2020
    What it should be:
    What is showing:

    About the Store Credit issue, no worries my biggest concern is the total sales numbers that are not matching.

    System Report

    ### WordPress Environment ###
    WordPress address (URL):
    Site address (URL):
    WC Version: 6.5.1
    REST API Version: ✔ 6.5.1
    WC Blocks Version: ✔ 7.4.3
    Action Scheduler Version: ✔ 3.4.0
    Log Directory Writable: ✔
    WP Version: 6.0
    WP Multisite: –
    WP Memory Limit: 2 GB
    WP Debug Mode: ✔
    WP Cron: ✔
    Language: en_US
    External object cache: –
    ### Server Environment ###
    Server Info: Apache
    PHP Version: 7.4.30
    PHP Post Max Size: 256 MB
    PHP Time Limit: 4000
    PHP Max Input Vars: 3000
    cURL Version: 7.66.0
    SUHOSIN Installed: –
    MySQL Version: 5.7.32-35-log
    Max Upload Size: 256 MB
    Default Timezone is UTC: ✔
    fsockopen/cURL: ✔
    SoapClient: ✔
    DOMDocument: ✔
    GZip: ✔
    Multibyte String: ✔
    Remote Post: ✔
    Remote Get: ✔
    ### Database ###
    WC Database Version: 6.5.1
    WC Database Prefix: wp_
    Total Database Size: 763.82MB
    Database Data Size: 461.43MB
    Database Index Size: 302.39MB
    wp_woocommerce_sessions: Data: 1.02MB + Index: 0.02MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_woocommerce_api_keys: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_woocommerce_attribute_taxonomies: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_woocommerce_downloadable_product_permissions: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.06MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_woocommerce_order_items: Data: 4.52MB + Index: 2.52MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_woocommerce_order_itemmeta: Data: 36.58MB + Index: 33.11MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_woocommerce_tax_rates: Data: 0.09MB + Index: 0.09MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_woocommerce_tax_rate_locations: Data: 0.06MB + Index: 0.09MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_woocommerce_shipping_zones: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_woocommerce_shipping_zone_locations: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_woocommerce_shipping_zone_methods: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_woocommerce_payment_tokens: Data: 0.16MB + Index: 0.06MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_woocommerce_payment_tokenmeta: Data: 0.36MB + Index: 0.34MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_woocommerce_log: Data: 25.56MB + Index: 1.52MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_actionscheduler_actions: Data: 18.34MB + Index: 18.66MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_actionscheduler_claims: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_actionscheduler_groups: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_actionscheduler_logs: Data: 19.13MB + Index: 10.06MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_activecampaign_for_woocommerce_abandoned_cart: Data: 2.52MB + Index: 0.03MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_automatewoo_abandoned_carts: Data: 0.05MB + Index: 0.08MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_automatewoo_customers: Data: 1.52MB + Index: 1.55MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_automatewoo_customer_meta: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_automatewoo_events: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.05MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_automatewoo_guests: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.06MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_automatewoo_guest_meta: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_automatewoo_logs: Data: 1.52MB + Index: 3.48MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_automatewoo_log_meta: Data: 5.52MB + Index: 5.03MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_automatewoo_queue: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.05MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_automatewoo_queue_meta: Data: 0.06MB + Index: 0.06MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_automatewoo_unsubscribes: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.05MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_commentmeta: Data: 1.52MB + Index: 1.92MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_comments: Data: 29.56MB + Index: 23.09MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_email_log: Data: 80.52MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_eyeris_practices_notes: Data: 0.11MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_eyeris_prescriptions: Data: 1.52MB + Index: 0.53MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_gf_addon_feed: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_gf_draft_submissions: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_gf_entry: Data: 2.52MB + Index: 0.39MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_gf_entry_meta: Data: 7.52MB + Index: 13.48MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_gf_entry_notes: Data: 0.22MB + Index: 0.06MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_gf_form: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_gf_form_meta: Data: 0.27MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_gf_form_revisions: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_gf_form_view: Data: 0.27MB + Index: 0.22MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_gf_rest_api_keys: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_links: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_options: Data: 43.38MB + Index: 1.41MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_pmxe_exports: Data: 0.08MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_pmxe_google_cats: Data: 0.39MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_pmxe_posts: Data: 1.52MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_pmxe_templates: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_postmeta: Data: 104.66MB + Index: 121.36MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_posts: Data: 17.52MB + Index: 8.95MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_redirection_404: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.05MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_redirection_groups: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_redirection_items: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.09MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_redirection_logs: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.05MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_signups: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.06MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_termmeta: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_terms: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_term_relationships: Data: 1.52MB + Index: 1.52MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_term_taxonomy: Data: 0.05MB + Index: 0.03MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_usermeta: Data: 21.55MB + Index: 21.05MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_users: Data: 1.52MB + Index: 1.39MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_vxg_zendesk: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_vxg_zendesk_accounts: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_vxg_zendesk_log: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wcpdf_invoice_number: Data: 0.08MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wcpdf_packing_slip_number: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wcs_payment_retries: Data: 0.17MB + Index: 0.02MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wc_admin_notes: Data: 0.06MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wc_admin_note_actions: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wc_category_lookup: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wc_customer_lookup: Data: 1.02MB + Index: 1.33MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wc_download_log: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wc_order_coupon_lookup: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wc_order_product_lookup: Data: 7.47MB + Index: 8.22MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wc_order_stats: Data: 4.38MB + Index: 4.67MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wc_order_tax_lookup: Data: 0.27MB + Index: 0.25MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wc_product_attributes_lookup: Data: 2.52MB + Index: 3.03MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wc_product_download_directories: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wc_product_meta_lookup: Data: 1.52MB + Index: 1.63MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wc_rate_limits: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wc_reserved_stock: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wc_tax_rate_classes: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wc_webhooks: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wdr_order_discounts: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wdr_order_item_discounts: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wdr_rules: Data: 0.08MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wpmm_subscribers: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wpsl_stats_searches: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wpsl_stats_terms: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wpsl_stats_term_relationships: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_wp_phpmyadmin_extension__errors_log: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_yoast_indexable: Data: 7.52MB + Index: 9.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_yoast_indexable_hierarchy: Data: 0.47MB + Index: 0.78MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_yoast_migrations: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.02MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_yoast_primary_term: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_yoast_seo_links: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.03MB + Engine InnoDB
    wp_yoast_seo_meta: Data: 1.52MB + Index: 0.00MB + Engine InnoDB
    _test_wp_usermeta: Data: 0.08MB + Index: 0.06MB + Engine InnoDB
    _test_wp_users: Data: 0.02MB + Index: 0.05MB + Engine InnoDB
    ### Post Type Counts ###
    acf-field: 135
    acf-field-group: 15
    attachment: 314
    aw_workflow: 14
    faqs: 26
    howto: 3
    lens-sale-wave: 10
    nav_menu_item: 83
    news-article: 5
    oembed_cache: 8
    page: 77
    post: 10
    product: 12
    product_variation: 11418
    revision: 419
    shop_coupon: 3
    shop_order: 22594
    shop_order_refund: 1393
    shop_subscription: 681
    wp_global_styles: 1
    wpsl_stores: 561
    ### Security ###
    Secure connection (HTTPS): ✔
    Hide errors from visitors: ✔
    ### Active Plugins (45) ###
    Gravity Forms: by Gravity Forms – 2.6.3
    Action Scheduler: by Automattic – 3.4.0
    Advanced Cron Manager: by BracketSpace – 2.4.2
    Advanced Custom Fields PRO: by Delicious Brains – 5.12.2
    AutomateWoo: by WooCommerce – 4.9.4
    Classic Widgets: by WordPress Contributors – 0.3
    Yoast Duplicate Post: by Enrico Battocchi & Team Yoast – 4.4
    Email Log: by Sudar – 2.4.8
    Enable Media Replace: by ShortPixel – 3.6.3
    Error Log Viewer by BestWebSoft: by BestWebSoft – 1.1.2
    Eyeris CSV Export: by Success Agency – 1.0
    Eyeris Reporting: by Success Agency – 1.0
    Gravity Forms Partial Entries Add-On: by Gravity Forms – 1.7
    Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On: by Gravity Forms – 5.0
    Gravity Forms Webhooks Add-On: by Gravity Forms – 1.5
    Intercom: by Intercom – 2.6.5
    Jetpack: by Automattic – 10.9
    Metorik Helper: by Metorik – 1.5.2
    Redirection: by John Godley – 5.2.3
    Send E-mails with Mandrill: by Miller Media ( Matt Miller ) – 1.3
    SiteGround Optimizer: by SiteGround – 7.1.0
    UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore: by UpdraftPlus.Com
    DavidAnderson – 1.22.12
    User Role Editor: by Vladimir Garagulya – 4.62
    User Switching: by John Blackbourn & contributors – 1.5.8
    Woo Discount Rules: by Flycart – 2.4.0
    Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce: by AlgolPlus – 3.2.2
    WooCommerce Stripe Gateway: by WooCommerce – 6.3.0
    WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips: by WP Overnight – 2.14.5
    WooCommerce - ShipStation Integration: by WooCommerce – 4.1.48
    WooCommerce Subscriptions: by WooCommerce – 4.0.2
    WooCommerce: by Automattic – 6.5.1
    WordPress Importer: by wordpressdotorg – 0.7
    Yoast SEO: by Team Yoast – 18.8
    WP All Export Pro: by Soflyy – 1.7.6
    WP Crontrol: by John Blackbourn & crontributors – 1.12.1
    WP Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon: by Themeisle – 2.4.4
    WP Migrate Lite: by Delicious Brains – 2.3.0
    WP phpMyAdmin: by –
    WP Store Locator - CSV Manager: by Tijmen Smit – 1.2.12
    WP Store Locator - Statistics: by Tijmen Smit – 1.1.2
    WP Store Locator: by Tijmen Smit – 2.2.235
    WP All Export - ACF Export Add-On Pro: by Soflyy – 1.0.3
    WP All Export - User Export Add-On Pro: by Soflyy – 1.0.7
    WP All Export - WooCommerce Export Add-On Pro: by Soflyy – 1.0.4
    Zendesk Support for WordPress: by Zendesk – 1.8.4
    ### Inactive Plugins (8) ###
    ActiveCampaign for WooCommerce: by ActiveCampaign – 1.7.2 Email Validator: by – 3.3.0
    ES Woocommerce ActiveCampaign: by – 2.0
    Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP): by ExactMetrics – 7.5.1
    Health Check & Troubleshooting: by The community – 1.4.5
    Query Monitor: by John Blackbourn – 3.9.0
    Query Monitor Extend: by Caleb Stauffer – 1.0
    WP Gravity Forms Zendesk: by CRM Perks. – 1.0.9
    ### Must Use Plugins (11) ###
    activate-practices.php: by  –
    atomic.php: by  –
    Collection: by Caleb Stauffer – 1.0
    cssllc.php: by  –
    limit-contact-lens-powers.php: by  –
    limit-stock-inventory-orders.php: by  –
    override.php: by  –
    patients-report.php: by  –
    set-stripe-user-id.php: by  –
    temp.php: by  –
    WP Migrate DB Pro Compatibility: by Delicious Brains – 1.2
    ### Settings ###
    API Enabled: –
    Force SSL: –
    Currency: USD ($)
    Currency Position: left
    Thousand Separator: ,
    Decimal Separator: .
    Number of Decimals: 2
    Taxonomies: Product Types: external (external)
    grouped (grouped)
    simple (simple)
    subscription (subscription)
    variable (variable)
    variable subscription (variable-subscription)
    Taxonomies: Product Visibility: exclude-from-catalog (exclude-from-catalog)
    exclude-from-search (exclude-from-search)
    featured (featured)
    outofstock (outofstock)
    rated-1 (rated-1)
    rated-2 (rated-2)
    rated-3 (rated-3)
    rated-4 (rated-4)
    rated-5 (rated-5)
    Connected to –
    Enforce Approved Product Download Directories: –
    ### WC Pages ###
    Shop base: #934 - /shop/
    Cart: #935 - /cart/
    Checkout: #936 - /checkout/
    My account: #937 - /my-account/
    Terms and conditions: ❌ Page not set
    ### Theme ###
    Name: Eyeris 486
    Version: 2.1.0
    Author URL:
    Child Theme: ❌ – If you are modifying WooCommerce on a parent theme that you did not build personally we recommend using a child theme. See: How to create a child theme
    WooCommerce Support: ✔
    ### Templates ###
    Overrides: eyeris/woocommerce/cart/cart-empty.php
    ### Subscriptions ###
    WCS_DEBUG: ✔ No
    Subscriptions Mode: ✔ Live
    Subscriptions Live URL:
    Subscriptions Template Theme Overrides: eyeris/woocommerce/emails/email-order-details.php
    Subscription Statuses: wc-active: 144
    wc-expired: 179
    wc-pending-cancel: 19
    wc-on-hold: 86
    wc-cancelled: 253
    WooCommerce Account Connected: ❌ No
    Custom Retry Rules: ✔ No
    Custom Retry Rule Class: ✔ No
    Custom Raw Retry Rule: ✔ No
    Custom Retry Rule: ✔ No
    Retries Migration Status: ✔ Completed
    Report Cache Enabled: ✔ Yes
    Cache Update Failures: ✔ 0 failure
    ### Store Setup ###
    Country / State: United States (US) — Tennessee
    ### Subscriptions by Payment Gateway ###
    Stripe: wc-active: 144
    wc-cancelled: 252
    wc-expired: 179
    wc-on-hold: 86
    wc-pending-cancel: 19
    ### Payment Gateway Support ###
    Stripe: products
    ### Action Scheduler ###
    Canceled: 15
    Oldest: 2022-05-16 23:22:03 -0400
    Newest: 2022-06-01 14:31:32 -0400
    Complete: 48,206
    Oldest: 2022-05-10 21:35:16 -0400
    Newest: 2022-06-10 11:19:04 -0400
    Failed: 3,599
    Oldest: 2022-05-10 15:59:02 -0400
    Newest: 2022-06-07 13:32:06 -0400
    Pending: 1,481
    Oldest: 2022-06-10 11:19:22 -0400
    Newest: 2024-05-24 02:29:35 -0400
    ### Status report information ###
    Generated at: 2022-06-10 11:19:48 -04:00
    Plugin Support Igor H woo-hc



    Thanks for sending this information.

    Pending: 1,481

    The site is registering a lot of pending actions, I’ve seen the plugin is installed on your site, you can use it to check if the pending actions are in order, or if this is affecting the site performance.

    Also, can you please provide the following, please send a copy of any fatal error log found under WooCommerce > System Status > Logs (if available).

    Thank you.

    Plugin Support Igor H woo-hc


    We haven’t heard back from you in a while, (I think that at this point you have been able to find a solution) so I’m going to mark this as resolved – we’ll be here if and/or when you are ready to continue.

    Thank you.

    Thread Starter Renan A. Diaz


    Hi Igor sorry for the delay, currently we are resolving the discrepancy with sales issue with support.

    But I want to ask about my other issue, the negative net sales because I can’t find a solution and I’m not sure if that is the correct behavior of the plugin. The thing is that when I do a discount of 100% (tested with 3 different store credit plugins) to an order including shipping and taxes, when I go to Analytics the Net Sales column is shown with a negative amount (Shipping + Taxes).

    I know that the formula to calculate the Net Sale is “Gross Sale – Taxes – Shipping” but I can’t tell if this column should be negative if I apply a coupon with a 100% of discount on the order.

    Hope you could help me. Thanks.

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