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  • Something very strange is happening in my Analytics and wondering if anyone else has this issue. I have three sites I use this plugin on, two on Thesis and one on Catalyst. All sites are having the issue. And two of the sites are on one set of Analytics/Adsense accounts, and the third is on another. So my problem can’t be narrowed down on one Analytics account or one type of WP framework.

    The problem is, my Adsense is properly counting all my visitors (verified with Statcounter) and my Analytics account is only showing about one-fifth the number. In Analytics, when I click through to the Content/Adsense area, it does bring forth my Adsense numbers properly. But every other area on Analytics shows the reduced numbers.

    I’ve looked at the source of many of the pages on the sites, and they have the Yoast Analytics code section on the page. I could not find any that were missing.

    And here’s the really crazy part: While I don’t go into my Analytics account much, I do have spurts of going through the numbers. I would have noticed this at some point in the past. But the very odd this is that when I look at ALL my history, going back years, ALL the days are showing numbers about 1/5 of what they should be. It’s as if Analytics retroactively reduced my numbers. It did not just start at some point recently. Yes, I’m questioning myself now of course–did I really simply just not notice before? But that seems impossible.

    As I said, this is happening on two different sets of Analytics/Adsense pairings, so it’s not like I changed something in the Analytics settings that screwed it up. And it’s two different WP frameworks too.

    Anyone else seeing this?

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  • I really don’t know where to turn on this. I see on Yoast’s site that he does not accept support emails there.

    If someone wants to look at the page source of one of my sites, they can look at this site: The code seems to be placed on all the pages.

    I’m going to remove the plugin from one of my sites and place the code in manually, or try another plugin and see what happens.

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