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  • hey … how are you all .. ive got this lil problem that i really really need solved as it has taken my sleep away .. because i just cant figure out what went wrong with it.

    ok i have the latest wordpress and using the same plugins as i was before but what has changed is that any code that i put in like from adsense, analytics or even for verification from on the main website components like footer, header or sidebar just wont work as if they are not sending the data out. first i noticed my analytics failing which worked pretty well before, its code is still in the footer as it was before but no data is going out as it should ..

    the code only works if i put it in the post section of the main page i.e. if i put it in the post intro that comes on the main page..

    now it has bewildered me and i dont know what to do as my adsense in the sidebar which was my main bread earner aint working and anlytics which gave me knowledge is dead and i also think google cant index me either as my post addresses are not indexed rather only my website that is is being indexed and not the blog posts address

    plllzzz help

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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