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  • I would like to add a feature that allow users block other users such as an user find another an user’s post is annoying or making the annoyed user upset. Also, some plug-ins allow user contact other users, so user should able to block user contacting the user. Whether a plug-in or added feature would be a huge plus and very necessary for community blogs.

    Also a user who posts should able to block subscribers with username and ip address who leave comment under the post. That is another a plus feature. So, user won’t get bad comments. It is another necessary for community blogs.

    So, the result for user blocking another user is the annoyed won’t able see user’s posts and comments. Also the blocked user cannot leave comment under the annoyed user’s post.

    That would a huge benefit for community blogs.

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  • As of now these features available in a pseudo form,

    Users are classified with respect to their role, Administrator, Editor, contributor, and subscriber. Their roles control their functionality inside the dashboard.

    You can see UP and user name of viewers use Stat press and look in to comment sections. Blocking a comment does this work internally, but i agree with you. Blocking feature has to be added with more functionality.

    – Saran

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