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    Does the same issue happen if you only have Custom Contact Forms as the active plugin?

    I had two contact section in the Email Notifications in the form. One I used for testing and the other was for live. When I turn off the live one and switch to the testing one. The form worked. So just deleted the live Email Notification and am using the one I had setup for testing at the live one.

    Hello, I am getting the same error message – Unknown Error Occurred. I get the email many times as the users click on the Send button over and over. I am using the most current WP version and I update all the plugins all the time. I have only Custom Contact Forms, no other plugin like that. Please, help, that is very unpleasant as it used to work perfectly for a very long time and I was very happy with the plugin. Thank you! Pavel, Czech Republic.

    I was having the same problem after I updated to wordpress 4.7.2. Worst part is, I didn’t know it was a problem until a couple of weeks after the error began.

    First, the solution I found:
    Edit your form. Manage form. Form settings > Edit “email notifications” > “From” Name Type: MUST BE “Form Field”. When I had it selected as “custom name”, i’d submit the form and “an unknown error occurred”. That is what worked for me, hope it works for everyone here.

    Now, the details… I noticed that my once active form wasn’t so active for about a couple of weeks. I did a test submission and got the “unknown error occurred” error. But it didn’t happen for all of my forms, just 1 (The most important one). When I went to edit the form, I saw that, even though it didn’t email me the customer’s inputted info, it did save what they typed in the plugin. I began to recreate the form from scratch. Everything seemed to work fine until I edited the form settings. One by one, I’d add to the form and do another test submission. It wasn’t until I ran into the “from name type” option in the form’s settings that I could recreate the problem.

    As a side note, there will also be no error if you remove all email addresses that the form emails to… but why have a form if you don’t get notified? Hope this helps.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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