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  • Hello all. I’ve made a new post about this because after searching for the issue, I read an entire argument between a mod and a poster about why each of these particular instances of this issue should be given their own thread, and also because I was able to find no actual solution in everything I read, lol.

    So, the error message is this:
    An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with or this server’s configuration

    Encountered when searching for keywords in on the themes page. I was able to install and navigate the dashboard up until this point with no problems.

    My site is hosted at

    I’m pretty sure I configured the MySQL service provided properly, but this is a free host I’m working with at the moment (I’m only using it for demonstration purposes, not production), so I don’t really know how crappy they may be or if things beyond my control are improperly configured.

    Please let me know what I should do, or at least where to start on solving this issue. Thank you all who read this for your time.

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