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  • There is one way to measure the effectiveness of a SEO plugin, and that is results … particularly quantitative, useful and demonstrable results in a reasonable period of time. The SEO Framework is the first search engine optimization plugin I have used during 21 years of blogging that has achieved such results… and elicited a “WOW!” from my usual low-key vocabulary.

    The aggressive power, automation, and comprehensiveness of The SEO Framework is light years ahead of other SEO plugins, in my opinion. My advice is don’t underestimate the comparatively low-key approach and website of The SEO Framework ( when compared against others… because I, for one, have seen the results on my primary site – – and success speaks for itself. No other SEO plugin has ever delivered such solid results so quickly. Support, by the way, is superb.

    My advice — test drive the free version of The SEO Framework, and I would bet you may move up to at least Essentials+ within a week.

    David Henderson

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  • Plugin Support Pierre LeBaux


    David, your review is so positive moderators might flag it as suspicious 😃 It is great to see users happy with the results! Thank you for supporting us with such overwhelming praise (and on top of that by purchasing a licence). It truly means a lot to us. Thank you.


    Hi Pierre,

    Gosh, being positive for a change didn’t cross my mind. My wife too often says I’m a grump when I think I’m realistic.

    I assure you that I used the free version of The SEO Framework after having mediocre performance from Yoast SEO and All-in-one-SEO and others over the years. And, within a few weeks, my site’s numbers soared for no other perceptible reason than using The SEO Framework. I honestly believe it’s exceptional.

    All best,

    Plugin Support Pierre LeBaux


    I am grumpy person myself, so I know where it is coming from 🙂 Trust me, we are stoked about people taking time off their day to write a nice review. After all, we are only a 2-man shop.

    Nice words lift the spirits. Have a pleasant rest of your weekend, David.

    Hey David, I’m confused by your reference to the free version and Essentials+ – I thought the whole plugin was free?

    From what I know, you are correct… the free version of The SEO Framework is powerful and yes, free. There are a couple of add-ons, called extensions, that cost a bit more…

    But if you are looking just for an SEO plugin, I suggest you give it a try.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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