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  • I love this plugin, it’s so far the best I’ve found.
    It has, however, some issues with Gutenberg (or, to be more precise, it’s Gutenberg that has problems with it):

    I’ve chosen [footnote] as my personal shotcode, basically because it was the same of the plugin I used previously and it’s easy to remember.

    But, when I add it to a Gutenberg paragraph, it gets recognized as a shorcode and put on a block on it’s own. This means having it on a new line.


    Hello[footnote]Hi![/footnote], how are you?

    It ends up as:

    , how are you?

    Doing some experimenting (like writing the shortcode after adding internal text) sometimes I can trick Gutenberg not to recognize it as a shortcode.

    So my suggestion is to use a more “standard” text as option like (I’ve saw it in another plugin and I think it’s perfect) a double parenthesis:

    Hello((Hi!)), how are you?

    This way it’s super easy to remember and Gutenberg won’t nag you trying to convert it. Do you think it’s a viable option?


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    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Update: I understand this method could potentially interfere with the “referencenumber” attribute.
    What about something like this:

    ((5 … ))

    The first number after the double parenthesis would be the reference number.

    Plugin Author prismtechstudios


    Hi @locksoft,

    Thanks for letting me know about this. I’ve been trying but I haven’t been able to reproduce this in Gutenberg. Would you be able to take a screenshot of what you’re seeing in Gutenberg when this issue is happening?


    Sure, here’s a couple of screenshots:

    (some typos in the screenshot, “test” should be “text”; english is not my main language)

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    Also, I’d like to report a small issue on the topbar button (I discovered it just today). If you select some text that has tags, the footnote gets cut in multiple buttons.


    Hi, I'm an <em>highlighted</em> footnote

    If I select it all and press the button I get:

    <mfn>Hi, I'm an </mfn><em><mfn>highlighted</mfn></em><mfn> footnote</mfn>

    Another bug:

    The plugin perfectly works in all my articles, but in this one:

    It starts with a data-mfn=”3″. I never specified that number anywhere. There’s only one footnote. In the article text there’s nothing about footnotes.
    The block code is:

    <p>Da questo libro ho estratto la pianta che mi è servita a riprogettare <a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="" target="_blank">gli interni</a> del Falcon. E sempre con questa guida ho scoperto dove sono posizionate le capsule di emergenza e che il cannoncino ventrale estraibile si trova da tutt’altra parte rispetto a dove lo ha piazzato Lego.<mfn>Ma si tratta di una scelta comprensibile, dettata dalla mancanza di spazio e dalla complessità del meccanismo di fuoriuscita.</mfn></p>

    Plugin Author prismtechstudios


    @locksoft thank you for all of this great detail, this is very helpful. I’ll look into all of these and get back to you!


    Other issue: Once you added a Footnote with the toolbar button, you can edit it only in HTML mode. If you start writing inside the footnote is “cut”.

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