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  • Seems like there’s so much more active development for 1.5 when it’s not even really out of the starting gate. An example is some anti spam code someone wrote. Someone else then commented that the feature had been built int0 1.5, but then someone else added, almost as an afterthought, but useful for those still on 1.2.x.

    I thought it should be assumed that the latest stable version is what one should be actively creating for. Isn’t 1.5 still in alpha, not beta, anyway?

    Simply put, as a happy 1.2.2 user, I sometimes feel like a bastard child at a family reunion!

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  • It’s Beta (I’m currently running my test site on WordPress version 1.5-beta-1 2005-01-29[1])

    While 1.2.2 is the current stable version, it’s inevitable that plugin developers are going to want to get involved with the forthcoming new version.

    As a user of WordPress, I know I’m spending a lot more time tweaking and refining my 1.5 test site than I am on maintaining my officially live 1.2.x one. It’s great fun entering all my posts in two places….

    [1] I’ll be updating that later


    Version 1.5 is now gamma. I agree that talk of 1.5 has certainly dominated the forums over the last while. I posted a note about this a while back – – to limit the discussion to the beta forum.

    Many folks are indeed developing plugins and enhancements for 1.5, even though it has been a bit unstable for a while.

    Ooooh, so it is!

    Now running WordPress version 1.5-gamma 2005-02-05

    {{snort!}} I can just see Ibessant running to get the latest upgrade! That was too funny! I needed that today! Thanks, guys!

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