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  • It appears to be the norm when creating themes, the page.php includes a right sidebar. Then, if your theme is to have additional layouts such as a left sidebar, or 3-columns, or full width, you create new templates.

    Every once and a while I get users of my themes ask me about the default page template always having a right sidebar and why is it not full width by default?

    Interesting question actually because I’ve thought about that myself because in a way, the current methods splits the relative layouts of pages by assuming everyone wants a right sidebar on their page. In most cases, you see websites with full width pages, which allows for greater content flexibility.

    One would think the logical default layout for the page template would be full width. Then, if a theme was to have a left or right sidebar layout, then you would develop the extra templates to compliment each other while keeping the full width as the standard layout for a page.

    I’m curious if the default page template only became what it is simply because this is how it has been since the beginning? What is interesting though, is that the CODEX has nothing about the default page template having any specific layout, ie: right sidebar.

    As I’ve said, I’ve had many users bring this to my attention and now I’m starting to think whether I should make the switch up for future themes…

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  • There’s no set default for that anywhere. The default layout for a theme is whatever the author decides that it is.

    I came to that conclusion. I’m planning to make my default pages as full width. By the way…love the avatar; gave me a chuckle for the day 🙂

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