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  • I know it’s been discussed to death about adding the Multiple blog function to WordPress, but has anybody ever thought about making Multiple Blogs work more like Categories?

    When you’re ready to submit your entry, you can pick your blogs normal categories, or a blog, which is like a categorie, and a subcategorie for that blog categorie. Under your WordPress Configuration, you can decide for the main blog to show the blog categorie list under your nornal categorie list, or hide the blog categories, to keep them private.

    The system adminitrator for the main blog can fix it so other authors only have access to their blog categories, under the WordPress configuration, so the other authors posts wont show up on the main blog.

    I think this would be the easiest way to go for the Developers of WordPress to add the Multi Blog Function, so instead of having, it would be if you make the Multiple blogs work like Categories, and it would be great if those authors could alter their blogs categories templates design, so they have a look all their own.

    I’m not a hardcore programer, but I think this would be the fastest way to go to add the Multi Blog Function. What do you all think?

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  • Those links above are dead, They’re just examples.

    I’d love to not have to install WPMU to get multiple blogs.. whatever it takes to get it working aside from mandatory mod_rewrite… I’m all for it. I tried WPMU, but it just won’t run on my internal box, which is where I need it to run. I’m just not l33t enough to fix my problem with mod_rewrite. Boo hoo for me! 😛

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