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  1. dawg
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I aM NoT suRE if anYone geTs loTs of messages typed like the previous letters but I get more than a few in comments.



    My idea for the plugin word be a plugin that allows the first letter of each word to be capitolized but then all following letters would be lower case.

    Is this a possible plugin? and if so could it only be run from the back end.

  2. petit
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Seems like your commenter in this case has a malfunctioning key board. As I see it, he/she cannot write the lower case 'o' but always gets the capital form 'O'.
    I think that's too unusual to make a plugin.

    To have the first letter of all words capitalized, wouldn't solve the problem.

    To *allow* for only the first letter capitalized, wouldn't be a solution either. USA would become Usa and XHTML, Xhtml.

    As to your second question, such a plugin could be a backed filter, hooking in to the comment posting, or it could be a Javascript part of the comment submission form.

  3. dawg
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Actually that is not from a malfunctioning keyboard, but rather a style that many have adopted from Myspace and eslewhere, true she does it more with the O but also with the E and R and can write o versus O

    I understand your examples of USA and XHTML but that is why I wanted it in the back end where when I get comments of this style and there are more than a few I can just run a script on the comment that needs it and ignore the 85% that do not. I have some entrue with 500 plus comments and quite a few have that TyPeiNg done on purpose.

  4. petit
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Well it can certainly be done with some small add on, hooking in to the post comment machinery. I'm not that good at PHP yet though.

    There may also be a social solution. How about a kind note above the comment input area, persuading your visitors not to use that kind of camel case comments? Argument: readability.

    What gives?

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