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  • Resolved Hassan


    This plugin is super handy.

    My only complaint is that it makes the menu section looks crowded. It adds those radio buttons and checkboxes all over the place and they’re not aligned in a aesthetically good-looking way (e.g. padding and stuff) so they look “stuffed”. Add to that the descriptive text beneath them which isn’t that helpful anyway– I think you should get rid of it.

    I also suggest you hide the roles checkboxes by default until the user clicks the “By Role” radio button, because, obviously they’re not needed when I select the other radio buttons.

    You can also add a fourth radio “Everybody” which shows the menu item to everyone. Currently, this is done by selecting “By Role” and then leaving all roles unchecked. A bit confusing.

    Finally, you can align those radios and checkboxes in a table-like layout (not using tables!) like having two (or three) options in each row, with fixed padding/spacing between each (something like a grid).

    Hope to see something implemented soon 🙂

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  • Plugin Author helgatheviking


    The development is on github:

    If you’d like to make a pull request I would definitely merge in your suggestions. Thanks for the ideas.

    I’m not (yet) familiar with Github. I’ve been meaning to figure it out for a while now but kept procrastinating. This seems like a good excuse to jump in though 🙂

    Plugin Author helgatheviking


    Please do. There’s a button on github in the top right corner that says “fork” this. Github will then set up the fork in your github account. Then you just need to mirror the repository on your own computer. I can’t explain it well, but there are better tutorials out there. If you are a Windows users, I have found a lot of success using the SourceTree program. If not, I’m sure there are equivalent programs… and there’s always command line.

    I’m not opposed to aesthetic improvements, but unfortunately these free plugins don’t pay the bills so I can’t spend a lot of time actively developing them. I definitely welcome community help!

    I feel motivated now. Thanks!

    Plugin Author helgatheviking


    Great. I look forward to seeing your suggestions.

    Hey Kathy,

    Honestly, I still didn’t find the time to jump into Github, however, I managed to implement some of the suggestions that I mentioned in my OP by modifying the file class.Walker_Nav_Menu_Edit_Roles.php on my local installation. I wonder how I can send it to you. I know it could’ve been a lot easier if I used Github.

    Plugin Author helgatheviking


    Yes github would be easiest, but you can post it on


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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