• I have been a professional photographer for some time now and this plugin looked pretty good on the face of things. On the face of it, it offered some pretty interesting functions. Over the last few months, I have been testing this plugin to see if it’s something I could use on my photography website, and sorry to say, it’s not going to be used. Some of the issues:

    Single and proof download is only available with a subscription
    It’s not good at handling large quantities of images
    Performance deteriorates the more albums you create and the more people that visit and download images
    It’s way too expensive for what it offers

    Long and short of it is, this is pretty much only good for the amateur photographer, and the price needs to come down to make it worth while, no way is this worth $10 per month for life. Any serious professional would do well to look for other solutions, that offer better support, better functionality, and improved performance.

    Note to developers, it’s a shame you did not seek out the input from serious professional photographers when you started off this plugin as you might have produced a better product.

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  • Plugin Author M.Sc. Denis Golovin


    Thank you for your perspective. As we always strive to improve, I try to extract the constructive feedback from your review and incorporate it in future actions.
    Although we are sorry to see you go, I hope that you check out PHMM in the near future, since we are improving the product every day.
    We are doing that by speaking with the 1000+ professional photographers who use PHMM currently. By understanding their requirements better we develop more elaborate solutions and help photography businesses to prosper and grow around the world.

    Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    @bigsiishere, I am posting this here as you have not seen the emails that we’ve sent to you asking to stop these accusations. Please stop accusing reviews of being fake. They are not fake.

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