• I purchased EZ PayPal Pro a few weeks ago.

    I ran into some problems – some caused by changes in PayPal itself.

    Manoj, the author – has been diligent in working through various issues. Some were the result of my carelessness, some related to out of date Help (which is basically contextual, very quick, and excellent.

    Some of the issues resulted from recent changes in PayPal in the move from the Classic version.

    As I wanted a fast single eBook sales system without needing a Cart or having to go to a Shop, I could see EZ PayPal offered what I needed so persisted to have the bugs and user issues resolved.

    Ez PayPal Pro is now robust and smooth. The Product and the support now get my top marks. If you already use EZ PayPal, update.

    Try it and have fun! Mark

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