• There are only so many things we can do to (meaningfully) improve the speed of a site:

    1. Use a cache app like wprocket.
    2. Use a CDN.
    3. Use a optimization plugin like perfmatters.
    4. Optimize photos manually or with a plugin/service like Imagify
    5. Upgrade server

    If your like me you’re already utilizing the above techniques yet still find yourself thirsty for more speed, and unable to find it.

    Enter Redis and the Redis Object Cache Plugin. Object Cache is a bonafide performance/speed boosting technique, not some gimicky bloaty plugin. In fact the WordPress health check now scans your site for an object cache and returns a health warning/performance reccomendation if your site isn’t using one. If you dont believe me, listen to the professionals!

    “Developers report that incorporating object cache cuts down load times by almost half, because each time a query runs it’s stored in a table and delivered much more quickly the next time its data is retrieved.

    The plug-in itself is incredibly easy to install and use considering its advanced nature. From WordPress you basically just install the plugin and that’s it. Nothing to configure or tweak you just set it and forget about it.

    The server side setup is, naturally, a bit more work, but not difficult. How much work exactly is going to depend on your server and setup, but in general looks like this:

    1. Install Redis [sudo apt-get install redis]
    2. Edit wp-config: add code snippet and your done See: objectcache.pro/docs/configuration/

    If you want to monitor the effect(s) the Redis Object Cache plugin has on your site/server I recommended installing New Relic which will provide you with detailed stats regarding Redis Object Cache’s performance, status, and impact (requires server access).

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