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    When I try to check out with the PayPal Checkout, I get “An error occurred while call the PayPal API.” However, in the error logs, it shows:

    [ACK] => Success
    [CHECKOUTSTATUS] => PaymentActionNotInitiated

    Is there a way to get more information about what the error is? The Woocommerce logs don’t really say. I’ve done the disabling of all plugins already and it doesn’t appear to be a conflict with another plugin.

    This is for a subscription product and Woocommerce subscriptions is enabled.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Okay, somehow the error has changed (maybe because Paypal approved reference transactions on my account in the meantime) and now it just says cryptically, “Internal server error.” Again, there’s a lot of data in the debug log file, but none of it points to any error or problem.

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    This thread helped me troubleshoot this error message:


    Really wish Woocommerce provided more informative error messages. Even the debug log for this was pretty useless.

    After checking my theme files and email templates (all of which were fine), I turned on WordPress debug settings and ensured all custom functions we used were not returning errors. One of them, apparently, was causing an issue with Woocommerce, which only surfaced on checkout. Very odd.

    But now resolved.

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