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    In past few days, I have got a few of this messages:

    You getting this message because an error detected while delivered your email. 
    You are welcome to post a support issue. 
    The log to paste with your support issue: 
    Invalid "To" e-mail address "" NOTE the @ is missing in my email!

    Test emails are sent and received without any issue, I am not sure what the issue is these messages are trying to tell me?


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  • Hi,

    When the last email failed to send it will fallback (use) to the local mail system
    to alert you about the error.

    Check the email log with the time you receive the error (the error very clear) and you will see all the details.

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    My Gmail email is not listed anywhere on the site, one thing I could think of is if my site lost connection to Zoho or Zoho has some connection issues (happened yesterday for a few min) and the plugin would then pull my server (Gmail) email to get its messages delivered, I am correct?

    In the log, I can see it is trying to send me info on someone’s activity on my site.

    So basically the issue is the missing @ in my To email which might explain empty message?

    From: WEBsite <>
    Date: 2017-12-01 00:00:21
    Subject: Follow-up emails summary
    Delivery-URI: smtps:plain://

    ✅ 🔒 Port 443 can be used with the SendGrid API.
    ✅ 🔒 Port 587 can be used for SMTP to
    ✅ 🔒 Port 443 can be used with the Gmail API.
    ✅ 🔒 Port 443 can be used with the Mandrill API.
    ❌ Port 25 is open, but not to
    ✅ 🔒 Port 465 can be used for SMTP to

    A feature request,
    +1, make it possible to list more logs on the log page

    one of my sites already has over 25 log pages!



    It will pull the one in the wordpress settings.

    Yes, the missing @ symbol (of course) cause the message to fail.
    The email alert is just so you will notice and verify that it’s one time error and not something that will cause you to miss more than one email.

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    Thank you @yehudah for very quick responses to this issue.

    Will mark it as resolved.

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