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    I received an email from WordPress telling me that a core automated update had failed and instructing me to do it manually. When I go to the update page, all I see is this message:

    An automated WordPress update has failed to complete! Please notify the site administrator.

    I have checked my host (GoDaddy managed WordPress) and I am currently on 4.7. It says there are no updates to make but also tells me this is not the most up to date version of WordPress.

    My site is

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  • i am having the same problem with Godaddy managed wordpress. really annoying. There is a new version available though, WordPress 4.7.1

    I opened my site through filezilla and checked the wp-content/upgrade folder like many thread suggested to edit a file called maintanance.php or something to solve the problem, but i found nothing on that folder.It’s empty.

    I’m also having the same issue and am also on GoDaddy Managed WordPress. I think it’s obviously the throughline here. So, I’d say we should all contact GoDaddy and most likely it’ll be an error they have to push an update for or something. From what I have been able to tell, there are no functionality issues, just the message itself being annoying

    Now i cant log in into my account. Everytime i am logging in and trying to do something, its automatically logging me out and sometimes a messages showing up – Your session is expired.

    Same issue -automated updates fails. Also some of my plugins have been disable. This is really getting annoying. Had the log out issue yesterday. Opened a ticket on Go Daddy. No reply but the problem seems to go away on its own. Don’t know if the two issues are related.

    GODADDY: Okay. By the way, the reason why you’re being auto logged out from the dashboard or getting database issue is because of the updates that were doing to the Managed WordPress plan. As an alternative so that you can work on your site, I disabled the object-cache.php file on your hosting plan.

    They haven’t told anyone they’re doing this with all managed worpdress sites. You have to contact support and have them disable that file.

    How much time it’s going to take to get rid of from this whole problem? When the managed wordpress updating plan going to be finished so we can get our site back in full motion?

    It’s happening for me as well on a GoDaddy account.

    Apparently this is caused by WordPress core trying to install the update automatically on GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting. GD blocks it and pushes out the update through their system, which they have confirmed is starting today.

    Based on what they are saying this update should happen soon automatically.

    I contacted GoDaddy and was basically told that they don’t do anything to manage or support WordPress… the “support” rep’s statement was actually “a lot of our customers use WordPress so we do the managed WP thing, but we don’t support it in any way, shape or form. You might want to contact Word Press”.

    Not getting any warm, fuzzies from this one…

    So There’s no actual solutions? god i am still here like reading a live feed and am still hoping someone would come with a solution. How long we have to go through this? Come On !

    I think the solution is to wait until GoDaddy pushes the update, which is starting today so will hopefully happen fairly soon. If not I would contact their Managed WP support about it.

    I have built over 20 websites using MWP and all hosted on GoDaddy. I had been loving the arrangement until last Nov.(2016) when GoDaddy started updating all their servers. Now this issue of “An automated WordPress update has failed to complete! Please notify the site administrator.” is just another item to add to my complaint list. The other main problem I have been having is page edits timing out on reload or preview or even update; numerous PHP errors and so on. Unfortunately I am not able to post any answers here as I have not received any from GoDaddy. All I can add is that I would not hold your breath waiting for GoDaddy to fix this issue as they opened a can of worms with their updates, so that is why the hold times with them has increased exponentially. I currently have clients asking me when I will find a better hosting company. Trying to hold out for this garbage to be fixed.

    This is the reply godaddy gave me today – “if you are using Managed WordPress, those updates are handled by GoDaddy. You would get an alert if you attempted to manually make the update. We have started rolling out the update to our Managed WordPress customers today, 1/12/17. You will automatically receive the update & be notified when it has completed.”

    Got the same problem as all of you… also sessions expired all the time. really annoying.

    Tried to disable plugins using Filezilla/FTP, but then I got this sessions expired, so I couldn’t even activate the plugins anymore…

    Strange thing is: It only happened to one of my Godaddy sites (got like 4 GoDaddy hosted sites), all other updated automatically. Maybe we are all on the same shared server 😉

    Anyhow, not a developer/platform expert sadly, so I just have to wait till GoDaddy fixes this shit and maybe think about other hosting providers in the future.

    Good thing (or sad), I am not the only one having this problem 🙂

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    Same problem with hosted by 1and1 (1&1)
    “An automated WordPress update has failed to complete – please attempt the update again now.
    Update WordPress
    Downloading update from…
    Unpacking the update…
    Warning: copy(/homepages/42/d565201691/htdocs/app565203019/wp-admin/includes/update-core.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /homepages/42/d565201691/htdocs/app565203019/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-direct.php on line 257
    The update cannot be installed because we will be unable to copy some files. This is usually due to inconsistent file permissions.: wp-admin/includes/update-core.php
    Installation Failed”

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