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    …is there a way to make all the images appear as full size summary images?

    For info: I’m connected to Buffer, using default settings, on a website using php7, with Yoast enabled using small image summaries.

    Is there anything within the default settings, or on Yoast, or on the Buffer website that would help me out?

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    Also – how do you get Pages to post in Buffer?

    The only success I’ve had with this, is to set ‘Sharing Options’ to ‘Post Only’ (when you would have thought that ‘Page and Post’ would be the correct option to choose).

    However when using ‘Post Only’ settings, it pulls in a pile of drivel from other websites and post grids, all of which lead to 404 pages.

    So for info, what should my settings be, including selected categories, to only publish posts, pages and custom post types to Buffer?

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    Hi steveraven,

    I am so sorry for my late response. For some reason, we haven’t received a notification of new support request so I just saw this now.

    If you want both your posts and pages to share just go to the “Sharing Options” tab in the plugin and under the “Post type” choose the “Post & Page” option and save the settings.

    As from my understanding, it seems that you’ve tried this but it won’t work on your site. If that is the case, would you be so kind to please create a temporary user for your WordPress site for us and send us the login information (username and password) to support@hypestudio.org so we can take a look into your settings? Also, if you are using similar plugins with the same functions on the same site, that might cause the code problems, as well. We can check all this and resolve it once we have the access to your site.

    The image our plugin is pulling out from your post and sending it to Buffer is the featured image. Regarding the image summaries I am not quite sure that I’ve understood what you want to accomplish, so if you can send us some examples via email of what you want your shares to look like, we would be able to better help you with this.

    Hope this helps and again I am so sorry for our late response.

    I will be on a lookout for your email so we can resolve this as soon as possible for you.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Kindest regards,


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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