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  • I perfectly well understand that there is inevitably some major getting used to the new way of doing things, whenever a major departure is made from a longstanding conventional way of accomplishing things, introducing some revolutionary new method to do the same thing faster and easier. Eventually, habit dictates the perception of what’s considered intuitive and what’s not. But while I fully understand the user-centered objective pursued by Gutenberg, I have a very hard time grasping how the new way of doing things is supposed to be more *intuitive* than the old way. I’m certainly not claiming that the Classic Editor is particularly “intuitive” especially considering the expectations set by users given the sprawl of wildly differing theme modification and page builder plugins, but where the Gutenberg project miserably fails is in its attempt to be intuitive at all. It is not; it takes a lot of getting used to. And I suspect it is actually going to have a detrimental effect on the ability of users to make WordPress work the way *they* want to, by crowding out the page builder ecosystem, and substituting it with a clunky one size fits all approach that is akin to how in the US the dollar stores severely impoverish the diet of an ever larger part of the population. I seriously laud the Gutenberg project for its innovative ambitions but, seeing what it is at this time, I would much have preferred it as a separate plugin, rather than as a default “feature” – it reminds me a lot of the admin bar, which is also something that needs to be disabled with (yet another) plugin. One star, because this project is not about increasing user friendliness but about pretty much forcing a new (“revolutionary”) way of doing stuff, instead of simply aiming to do things better *and* faster. Sorry WP but the way it is now, this is much like a Yahoo! project – an expansive, expensive and expletive-worthy mess.

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