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  • I’m having a little trouble here. I’m using WordPress and Zenphoto. For some reason I am getting a &raquo on the space above my url (what is that space called?).

    It looks like this. As you can see it’s the only time on my site that it appears.

    I began to include a child category (WordPress) for each of the artists in my gallery (Zenphoto). Now Google is indexing the WP child category but with the ZP url. I kind of like that but it is using &raquo and looks like this…

    Phauxshow » Artists » Marina Taliera
    I was Born in the south of France on july 25th 1983. Like most kids I Started drawing at an early age sketching people on paper, scribbling on walls. – 9k – Cached – Similar pages

    Basically, I’d like to use ‘ | ‘ instead of ‘ » ‘ in both cases. Is anyone willing to give this a shot?



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  • Any takers? I posted the same question in the Zenphoto forum and they pointed me in this direction.

    Well, you can search for » in your site’s files.
    It could be in the header.php, or you have some settings with your SEO plugin, or somewhere else.

    Thanks for the reply, Haochi.

    I’ve spent a lot of time on this and have gone through the header.php file an well as all of the other template files. But with no luck!

    Does anyone know where this &raquo is being pulled from?

    A bigger question is why? The page that I am on when it is pulled is phauxshow/gallery/artistname but comes up in the heading as phauxshow >> artist | artist name.

    Google also reads it that way.

    I’m using the All in one SEO but that doesn’t seem to cover the gallery as it is outside of WP.

    Well, use Notepad++ and it’s “Find in files” feature to search through the whole site. It’s easier on the eye, faster, and more accurate.

    Looks like you found it and substituted the pipe. Care to share where you found the file to edit? For the benefit of anyone else who has the same problem. 😉

    I think he’s talking about the one between his site name and ‘artists’

    … I’m not sure how the gallery gets there, but I’d be looking in the gallery code myself.

    oh, DUH! He’s talking about on the TITLE bar. And I bet you any amount of money it’s an SEO plugin doing that.

    Thanks for the comments!

    I think I’m going to have to spend the night going through my files again. It’s strange that on the title bar I can remove it in between artists and analogartist but not in between Phauxshow and Artists.

    It’s also odd that ‘artists’ comes up at all in the Gallery title bar, as the Gallery has no categories. The problem only exists for artists that I have created a page in the WP area of my site for.

    Weird stuff!

    Okay, I got it. Well, half of it and with the help of Tony on the Mimbo forum.

    Here’s what he said…

    “In your header.php script, find this, and mutilate till your heart’s content. 🙂

    <title><?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?> <?php if ( is_single() ) { ?>
    » <?php
    foreach((get_the_category()) as $cat) {
    echo $cat->cat_name . ‘ ‘;
    } ?> <?php } ?>

    <?php wp_title(); ?></title>”

    And here is what I did…

    “<title><?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?> <?php if ( is_single() ) { ?> |
    foreach((get_the_category()) as $cat) {
    echo $cat->cat_name . ‘ ‘;
    } ?> <?php } ?>

    <?php wp_title(‘ | ‘); ?></title>”

    I had edited this file before but not exactly in the right way.

    Now why is a WP category being drawn into a ZP title bar? And why does Google index the WP category with the ZP url?

    That’s exactly what I told you to do 8 hours ago!!!

    Sorry, Haochi! I know. For some reason I didn’t look deeply enough into the file the first time. The second time I was in that daring desperation mode and tried something different – that worked.

    Thanks everyone!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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