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  1. LucyRyder
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have Image Gallery re-loaded installed and am using in my pages to show a number of images as a gallery within the page. Unfortunately the plugin has a bug which means it jumps when you click on the little thumbnail images to show the next big image, and although this issue was posted on the developer's site: http://18elements.com/tools/wordpress-image-gallery-reloaded
    - it has not been answered.
    I am also wanting to display the title of each image as well as the 'Caption' for each - but it seems this plugin does not do this.
    Does anyone know of another plugin i could use instead? I tried to install 'Mouseover Gallery' plugin but it seems to break other bits of my site...? I was actually looking for the thumbnails to be displayed in a grid like on this one rather that in a scrolling line as on Image Gallery Reloaded.
    Does anyone know of any other plugins i could use to achieve a mouseover thumbnail gallery within my pages?


  2. oliviaok
    Posted 3 years ago #

    hi lucy did you find anything in the end?

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